Brown discharge too soon for implantation?
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Curious - June 23

Hello ladies, this is the first time this happens to me so I'm a bit confused. At about 3dpo and today (not as much) I had brownish discharge, yesterday it started out bright red when I checked my mucus then thru out the day it turned brown. Now today although not as much I still have brownish discharge. I've heard of bleeding when ovulating but I've already ovulated, so where is this coming from? Been TTC for 4 years baby #2 with my second husband, last month had a laparoscopy.Any suggestions??


albertagirl - June 23

brown is old blood...perhaps you caused your cervix to bleed during your BD and that is what is causing your discharge. If you had deep sex this is probably the answer. Don't fret over it, very common, no worries.



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