Bright side of not being able to conceive ;-)
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Neena - February 7

I feel we are having more information about the cycles and overall entire complex phase of how a baby is born than a layman. we know a lot of things and having gone through Clomid, HSG, laproscopy, iui, ivf i feel we know more than the couples who have actually given birth to a baby without any medical interventions... what do u thing gals ;-)


Mega - February 7

I agree. All my friends these days tease me & say I should be a dr with all the stats & facts I spout out thanks to all the research I do on the TTC-stuff. :) Cute idea for a post!


Mary - February 7

yeah I too agree to this. I feel like I know almost like a Gynacologist.


bj - February 9

You got that right. I feel like I would be able to give anyone a shot or even take their blood I've had it done so much.


Mega - February 9

Me too bj! We're turning into pin cushions!


Sally - February 10

I agree, atleast we can help others that we may meet one day or even our own girls if we are finally blessed. But i just think how loved all our babies will be after we have gone through all this. We will all make fantastic pearents. Plus our children will know how badly we wanted them. Im keeping a diary so hopefully i can show them one day, Plus it makes me sound cleaver with all the medical words i put in it! x


dea - February 10

And.... DH and I have traveled much more than if we had a child.



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