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Moñi - June 28

Are ALL women who are pregnant have tender breasts?


JenG - June 28

Not necessarily... When I was pregnant, my breasts did not get tender till a few weeks into pregnancy. It got so bad that I had to wear a night bra at night!


lifequest - June 28

Me again JenG,Thanks for answering that question for me, cuz that's another problem I thought I had, my breast never get soar anymore, it's been aleast 3years. They use to kill me just before I got my period, that I would have to hold them (for extra support) going down the stairs. Moni when did this start for you?


JenG - June 28

No prob... and I don't normally at my period time have soar breasts as a symptom... so I would not worry.


Terrie - August 3

Hi Moni. I'm 7 mos pregnant and I've never had sore breasts, morning sickness, cravings, etc. I, thankfully, have had a great pregnancy so far. All women are different. Good luck to you.



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