Breast tenderness
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Kisses - July 2

how many days after ovulation you can feel breast tenderness or soreness? Could this be a sign of pregnancy?


Andrea - July 3

hi-i am only about 1 or 2 dpo and my nipples hurt so bad!! i dont know if it is from ovulating or if i am just going crazy. I need an answer to this as well.


Lena - July 3

Believe it or not, high levels of estrogen or progesterone can make your nipples sore. At 2 dpo your conceptus, if any, is bouncing its way down the fallopian tubes until it reaches the uterus. It will then bounce around until approx 8-12 dpo. At this stage your body wouldn't even know its pregnant. I"m just like you and everyone else on this board and hoping everything little thing will mean I'm pregnant. A few cycles ago I was really nauseas and told me husband I was sure it was morning sicknes. Then we both laughed like crazy because I wasn't set to ovulate for several more days.



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