Breast or Bottle?
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kc - July 9

I know this maybe early to ask this question, but how many of you are planning on breast feeding? I think I will if I do get a visit from the stork. I was just wondering how many others are considering.


bump - July 9



Drew - July 11

Hi Kc, I have to go with bottle. I have inverted nipples, and before anyone goes off about how you can still breastfeed, I'll go nuts. I have a seven year old who I tried villagently to breast feed but she lost weight (which she couldn't afford to she weighed 6.8) and it was painfull. We went to the lactation consultants and all that but it just wasn't working. Then I got a breast pump, and it was great. She still got the benefits of breast milk, without the pain for me. I think thats how I'm gonna do it if, God willing, I ever do get pg. lol :)


Jill - July 11

I have a 2 year old that I breastfed as long as I could. I had to go back into the hospital when he was a month old, and I was being pumped full of antibiotics. I pumped for a month so that I could breastfeed when it was all over. But after a month of a bottle, he wouldn't take my nipples. I pumped as long as I could, but my milk supply dwindled so I had to stop. But I'll do it all over again if we have another baby. God luck!


kc - July 11

Thanks for your replies. I know this is a tabu subject. But I thougt is was more the norm. I think I will give it a try because it is better for the baby. If it doesn't work then I will not get too upset. I have noticed a huge difference in intelligence levels of nursed and bottle babies when they hit preschool years. So to make my childs educational years easier I guess its worth a shot.


Mimi - July 12

I nursed both my daughters until they were 2 years old. And if I conceive again, wish me luck, I hope to be able to do it again. :) Good luck to you. :)


kc - July 12

Thanks mimi. Did you have any problems or did it come natural? I really would like to try but am afraid it will not work and I will be angry at myself.


Mimi - July 12

Well, with my first one, my nipples got really sore and cracked and bled, but I kept at it. I use to call the La Leche League to get advise from them and they helped out alot. After a while the pain went away and it was just fine. With the second, no pain and no cracking. I personally thought it was a wonderful experience. It's something how they seem to just get the hang of it right away. I would definitely try it. It does not hurt to try. And if it does not work out since it always does not for every women, formula fed babies turn out just as fine and healthy. It's a very personal choice when it comes to breast or bottle feeding. I feel personally feel whatever choice, for whatever reason, is absolutely fine. Good luck to you with whatever choice u make...and good luck on having your little baby. :)


kc - July 13

thanks mimi- I'll give it a shot



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