brand new and like to start a thread for newbies!!!
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roxy01 - July 28

Oh ok, I just wondered whether you were starting slowly with them. You sure do have a hectic life, but don't worry, I've forgotten to take them a few times too. I was tossing up between FA and Ovulex and they both had great success stories. In the end I couldn't decide and I figured I'd try the cheaper ones first. Well I hope you both don't get too tired working all weekend, and I'll talk to you soon. xxx


diem - July 28

I looked up the fertility pills online....they seem to be quite expensive. How long does 1 bottle last you when you take 3 a day?
I'd like to try them....but I might wait another month.


roxy01 - July 29

We're taking Fertilaid for men and women. We got it on ebay and it was $44.95 + delivery. Its a month supply for my dh and I when you take 3 a day. I hope it works. This month will be hard to tell whats going on post d&c, but after af I should be able to track things again. Hey girls, have you got any preg signs in the tww? It's so hard to tell what is pre af signs and what could be preg signs!! Talk about frustrating!! Talk soon...xxxx


diem - July 30

Well, AF is due in 2 days. My boobs are REAL sore. More than usual. Soreness only happens with me every once in a great while before AF. I'm hoping this is a pg sign. I tested yesterday and got a BFN...of course....but I am just too anxious to find out. I also seem to be retaining water. My weight fluctuates 2 pounds or so a day (I am very weight conscious) But lately it has been staying up. I too had a miscarriage 4 years ago and felt similar symptoms with that pregnancy. The strange thing is that if i AM pg I would be due April 13th and the date my miscarriage happened was April 20th. That would be a little weird for me. Anyways...I don't really want to discuss my miscarriage....I'm trying to focus on a the future. Oh lower back has been a bit bothersome too...but I just trimmed the lawn 2 days ago and I could just be sore LOL! I wish PG symptoms were completely different from AF symptoms....dont you? It would make the 2ww better.


diem - July 30

I just started cramping this afternoon. I NEVER cramp before AF and rarely cramp with AF. (please please please let it mean the big pg is here for me....crossing my fingers!)
It could be implantation as I am 9 dpo...however AF is due in 2 days so I guess only time will tell.


mommy2josh - July 30

Hi diem, if you are 9dpo then af should be due in 5 days. But nontheless, do you have a Dollar tree near you? If you do, go get a pg test. Or you could wait :). I hope you get yours. Keeping my fingers crossed for ya.


mommy2josh - July 30

Sorry didnt read the prvious post. Give it another couple of days and then retest. :) I had AF cramps and sore bb's when I was pg with DS. Never get sore bb.


roxy01 - July 31

Hi everyone....Diem, I really hope these different symptoms are a sign of a BFP! It does sound hopeful. Did you do anything different this month from other months? It's funny that we are total opposites with symptoms- the lack of cramps before af makes me think I'm pregnant! Speaking of which, I'm just starting to feel a bit crampy and wish that af would hurry up so I can start working out where to go from here. Anyway...keep us updated!! xxx


diem - July 31 I don't feel any cramps and my boobs are actually feeling a bit better. I am having serious doubts about being pg. AF is due tomorrow...but I'm never on time. My cycle goes from 29 to 31 days. Today is cd31 so I expect it sometome tomorrow. I'm not feeling very positive. Next month we are going to try using preseed. I'm going to look into the fertility vitamins as well. GOOD LUCK to dust!!!!


diem - July 31

Its 4 pm....I just got home from work and there she is AF!
UGH! This means that my leutal phase this month was only 9 days. Is this too short for implantation? I looked this up on the internet and it said that I should probaby talk to my dr about progesterone. I don't know if I should wait another month to see if the Leutal Phase is any longer next time around since I just started to chart things and I don't know if this is normal for me or not. I dunno :(


diem - July 31

I went out and bought a big bottle of wine tonight! LOL. This is the only time of the month that I feel comfy drinking a glass or two. Well, best of wishes to both of you. I guess I am out this month. Not like I really expected it since we didn't bd a lot this month.just was hopeful as usual....but the symptoms were brutally teasing. Like I said before I wish pg signs were completly diff., from af signs Another disappointing day for me. I shall write again in 5 days when the dreaded witch has left and I am again on my journey seeking the sacred little one. I hope you all are luckier than I !!!


waiting-4-my-angle - August 1

Hey ladies I have not been on in a couple of days just wondering how everyone is doing? I hope well, AF finally went away about a week ago so we are trying like all the time. Still taking the FB, hoping and praying that it will work. Well I wish you all luck and just remember that one day we will all be wonderful Mothers! Baby dust to you all!!!


roxy01 - August 1

I'm so sorry Diem. It is horrible how those symtoms tease us! I wish they were different aswell. Well maybe the preseed will make all the difference next month? It really helped us and we've stocked up for when we can finally ttc. I think 9 days might be too short for LP. From memory it should be around 12-14 days. It's up to you whether you wait it out another month and see. I would probably look into something for this month so you don't waste any time, but it's up to you. I think vitex helps with that, but I'm not too sure. Maybe the FA or FB could help? How are you going with your FB waiting4myangle? Do you feel any different on them? I readsome people feel a better sense of well being, but I just feel really tired. I guess its only early days tho. I'm still trying to take 3 a day when I remember. I keep getting slight cramps that last about an hour and then go away. I wish af would just hurry up and get on with it!! I see the gyno in 1.5wks, so I'll know then whether the cyst is gone and we can ttc again. I hope af has come and gone by then and we can start straight away. Oh well, we'll see. All the best to you all. xxx


waiting-4-my-angle - August 2

Hey Roxy, I am doing pretty good with FB. The first month I started I felt a little diff. butt now I guess my body is gettin use to them. It seems like I feel a little better since I have been taking them, does it make you have a better sex drive? LOL It seems that way or I am just trying so hard I am giving myself a sexdrive.haha. Any way I hope everyone is doing well, and I send all the baby dust your way! Diem, I know how the symptoms can trick you and it just makes me so mad. I use to get so excited if AF was one day late and just jumped to comclusions, but now I know she is coming I just wait on her. I just hope and pray that I will be blessed. Just like I hope and pray that you girls will be blessed. It seems as though the ones that would do anything to have a baby are the ones that have to wait. I honestly believe god does this because he knows how great mothers we would all be and he just wants to suprise us when we least expect it! Well good luck and yall are in my thoughts and prayers!


[email protected] - August 2

Hi, i have just started clomid and metformin mix, and me and my hubby have been trying for one year and a half. Has this worked for anyone else.


roxy01 - August 2

Thats funny W4MA...I guess it's only been a few weeks since I've taken them, so I'll give it some more time for that side effect to kick in!! lol Hopefully just in time for bd season!!! I see my acupuncturist tonight so hopefully he'll help with with my energy levels. Although thats really the least of my concerns- I want this cyst gone!!! Hi Creville, I have been ttc for the same amount of time. I got pg 2 times out of 3 cycles on clomid, but unfortunately mc both. I hope you have a better experience and all the best. I'm not sure what metformin is for? And yes...we will all be great mothers one day and will never take our pg for granted!!! xxxx



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