brand new and like to start a thread for newbies!!!
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diem - July 23

I am currinetly in the 2ww but I'd like to get to know some new peeps out there. I am expecting AF around the 31st of JUly. Anyone wish to star a newbie thread?

I have been bding with hubbie with no contraceptives for 5 months now...just stared chating things to get serious. I am 30 and DH is 31 this wil be our first and I can't contain my excitement. Anyone else new to this site that would like to start chatting?


waiting-4-my-angle - July 24

Hey diem. I have been here for about a week now but really have not chated. I just starter AF and started Fertility Blend about 3 weeks ago. I pray that it will work. It seems everybody around me is prego. My best friend just found out she was preg. and all the women at work are to. There is about 15 women at wotk that is preg. I just keep asking when is it my turn. My husband says if I keep stressing over it it want happen. Any way I hope all is well with you! Good Luck! Oh yeah what is 2ww? I have not figured all of this out it!


diem - July 24

Hi "waiting - 4-my-angel"!!!! 2ww is two weeks waiting. Meaning that you have ovulated and are in that stage of waiting for AF (aunt flow) not knowing if you are preggers or not. The 2ww is hard! I understand what you mean about everybody being pregnant. My sis in law just announced 2 months ago that she was.....we were trying to be the first in the family ARGH!!! It's like everywhere I go I see pregnant ladies and babies. I also am a school counselor so I see many preg girls a year. It's tough because I want a baby so bad and they don'[t!!! My DH (dear husband) and I have been trying for 5 months now. However we have been just having fun and not looking at my ovulation dates to plan BDing (baby dancing...term used for makin' babies) We just started paying attention to my temps and I have been using Ovulation Predicting Kits (OPK's) as well. I have been charting things on It's a great site!
I started chatting with a few other groups but feel a bit left out 'cause they've been chatting to the same people for a while. Hopefully we'll get our own newbie group goin.
Try to stop stressin. It will happen soon......for both of us.....BABY DUST to all!!



diem - July 24

How long have you been trying for? What is Fertility Blend?


waiting-4-my-angle - July 25

Well I would not say we have really been trying we just have not prevented it from happing. It has been about 1 1/2. Fertility Blend is a vitamin that gives your body all that you would need to get preg. Has nutrients essentioal for fertility health. I was begging to wonder about the product and I just seen someone post about FB. She said she took FB for about 3 weeks stopped then found out she was preg. and said she knows it was FB. Well I just hope it works for me like it did her. Well I hope all is well your way and bunches of baby dust to you! Don't you just hate waiting for AF. That is the most hardest part when TTC.Good luck and I hope to talk to you soon.


diem - July 25

DH and I have been doing the same....just not taking precautions. I think I look into Fertility Blend myself. Can you just get it at any store or do you have to order it online?
I am currently 7 days past ovulation ( I think) One more week of waiting. I expect that she will come....don't want to get my hopes up too much. Although my nipples are sore and they aren't usualy but I think it was paired with ovulation. Well I will keep my fingers crossed for the both of us!


waiting-4-my-angle - July 26

Thanks well I will also keep my fingers crossed. You can get FB at GNC. I got mine at Eckerd drug. I hope it will work and I always seem to get my hopes up. I send you all the baby dust I can. Good luck and keep my posted.


roxy01 - July 26

Hi! I would love to join you. I'm in a slightly different situation at the moment, but can relate to what you're going thru and would love to chat! Have had 2 miscarriages recently after18mths ttc. The last mc was 3.5wks ago at 10wks and had to have a d&c. I now have to wait for a clomid induced cyst to go away so we can ttc again. I really want to start trying again because I know it will help the healing process. I just started taking Fertilaid which I think is similar to FB, so I hope it helps. I've also started acupuncture and chinese herbs. I know what you both mean about having pregnant women everywhere. I too have the same thing at work, and my older sister is a few weeks ahead of what I was. So that's really hard. We haven't told anyone because I don't want to make it hard on my sister. I want her to enjoy her pregnancy and not be worrying about upsetting me. My other sister has just started ttc and I know she would worry that if all this happened to me, then there's a chance it will happen to her. So for now we'll just keep it to ourselves and we'll tell them one day when I have a happy ending to my story. So that is why this forum is becoming more and more important for me. I need somewhere to vent! Thanks girls and all the best...


myheromyman - July 26

what is all of this


diem - July 26

Roxy. WELCOMe! and I am sooo sorry for your loss. How awful it must be :(
It must be hard seeing other people pregnant and happy right now. This is definately a good place to vent. My thoughts and prayers?


diem - July 26

.....are with you!


waiting-4-my-angle - July 27

Welocme roxy and I am sorry to hear about all of your trouble. I hope everything works out for the best. Yes I doe believe Fertilaid is almost the same as FB. I stoped taking them for a few days but I am going yo start back. Well any way I send all the baby dust to you all and hope to talk to yall later.


roxy01 - July 27

Hi girls! Thanks for your warm welcomes! I hope the 2ww hurries up and at the end of it you get your BFP's!! waiting4myangel, I can't believe you have 15 girls at your work pregnant. That must be soo hard. I have only 3 and that's bad enough!! I should stop comlaining! Anyways, have a great day and I'll chat to you later! xxx


diem - July 27

Welcome Roxy. I'm so glad that some newbies like to chat. I felt a bit out of place in some of the other chats where women seemed to know each other so well.
I just got off of work and decided I'm going to have to go in this weekend to put in extra time....yuck! I am a guidance counselor and I have a million schedules to get set before monday. Our students don't start school until August 9th but we're mailing the schedules home. I hate working extra hours that I don't get paid for.
So where is everyone in their cycle?
According to I am 8 days past ovulation. My boobs are sore today...but it sometimes happens when I extect AF too. Last month they didn't get sore. I'm getting anxious to test but I don't think it happened this month as dh and I didn't bd much. Who knows. I HATE THE 2WW!!!


roxy01 - July 27

Hey girls. I'm really glad you started this thread too. It's great to have a place for newbies. I know what you mean about everone else knowing eachother so well. How exciting that its nearly time to test Diem. It is such a long waIt though. And don't worry too much about not bding enough. We got a BFP the month that happened to us. Maybe dh sperm were more built up? I'm currently driving my dh crazy as I'm speculating whether I could possibly have conceived last weekend, even though we were tta. I think I may have ovulated on Sat when my spotting stopped and we bd that night, and since then I've had this funny feeling in my legs that i have only had at the start of the last 2 pregnancies. It would have to be practically impossible, but we did have to use preseed coz we had no other lubricant, so I'm wondering whether any little swimmers made it. Oh well, I'm 99% sure there's no way and I've been spotting ever since, but I am glad to have that fun feeling back after so much sadness. Waiting4myangel, can I ask why you are taking one FB day? I think I read that on another post, and was just wondering coz I'm taking 3 FA and just thought I'd ask whether its better to start slowly. DH is taking the male version too. Anyway, I'll talk to you both later, and Diem, try not to work too hard this weekend! xxx


waiting-4-my-angle - July 28

Hey roxy well I have a crazy schedule and soem days I work more tan 8 hours and I work in a nursing home so I barely have time to use the bathroom, I go to school, so just some days I take 1, other days I take 3. I need to start taking 3 like it said but I forget sometimes. I have not took any for a couple of days because Ihave been sick on my stomach. I am going to start back tomm. My dh is taking mega men. He also has the FB for men but he wanted to take the mega men first. I think if FB dont work than I am going to try ovulex. Have you heard about that product. I have heard many sucess stories. Any way I also have to work this weekend and I just don't feel like it but I guess you got to do what you got to do. Well I hope and pray that this will be out month. I will have you both in my thoughts and prayers. So much baby dust to you both!


roxy01 - July 28

Oh ok, I just wondered whether you were starting slowly with them. You sure do have a hectic life, but don't worry, I've forgotten to take them a few times too. I was tossing up between FA and Ovulex and they both had great success stories. In the end I couldn't decide and I figured I'd try the cheaper ones first. Well I hope you both don't get too tired working all weekend, and I'll talk to you soon. xxx



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