Boyfriend may have Low Sperm Count
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Kathy Wills - August 26

Hello Everybody,Me and my B/F try to get pregnant for 7 months and nothing has happen.He will go and get a S/A today.I would like to know how long will he get his results.We talk to the Doctor and he said ,we don't have to call him,he will call only if something is wrong.What does he mean by that.
thanks Kathy


Sara - August 26

I think he means if you don't here from him assume your boyfriend's results are normal. (sperm count, motility, etc..). I would still call him to find out his results b/c you never know the doc may not receive the results by mistake.


merlee - August 29

You should call and get the results for you records. You never know, you may some day go to a different doctor. Besides it is always good to know your own (or husband's) test results. You can google for the test results if you don't know what they mean.



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