Both are overweight
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ashbb - April 19

I am slightly overweight and so is my boyfriend. We have been trying to get pregnant for over a year and a half and so far nothing. Is both of us being overweight affecting our pregnancy chances?


alicia7261 - April 19

i am not sure i am also overweight and my hubband is as well, we have been ttc for 8 cycles and have decided if i do not conceive this month i am going to wait a few months and drop some weight

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MuzikGurl - April 19

Hey ashbb, I am VERY overweight and I am pregnant. I currently weight about 311lbs and my husband is about 50 lbs overweight he is about 190ish we have been trying to become pregnant for almost a year and with only 2 round of clomid it helpped. I mean I have VERY irregular periods I mean I can go almost 2 years without one. I wasn't obviously ovulating. I was dx with PCOS. I went to one ob/gyn and all he kept telling me that I won't get pregnant until i lose weight. I got tired of it...because I see overweight women everyday who have not just one but 2...3..4 kids...sometimes more. I was determined. So, I changed drs. and after seeing this dr. for only 3-4 months guess what...we got pregnant! and I didn't lose weight at all....I don't know if it was a miracle or what but what I do know is that anything is possible. Yes, being overweight can stop you from ovulating and stop periods all together because fat cells hold estrogen and progestrone that you need in order to ovulate and have a period. My advice find out if you might have PCOS many overweight women do have it. Then if you do discuss with ur dr. about options. I knew this one chick who had a gastric bypass in order to get pregnant. I didn't wanna go that route. There are medications that can help. Do ALOT of research!!! Just because a dr. has a degree on the wall doesn't mean he or she can't make a mistake. they are still human no matter what. If you do not have PCOS then check to see if you are ovulating...more thank likey if you have irregular periods you are probably not ovulating in that case you will probably take Clomid or something along those lines. Get your boyfriend ( I am assuming maybe future husband) tested. Have him do a semen analysis. And maybe purhaps you can start taking prenatal vitamins to make sure you are getting all the proper nutrients your body needs in order to prepare yourself for a child, it helps alot. All in all, I am curious on how it goes for you and your boyfriend. Try to take care of each other and don't stress too much about it. Good Luck!


Cloe - April 19

I am also quite overweight, and my doctor didn't even seem to care about that. His concerns were if I was ovulating or not, and since I wasn't he did something about it!


Shauna - April 23

Hi Ashbb. I don't know the statistics but overweight men have a higher risk of varicose veins in the testicle. It can cause infertility due to increase temps in the testicles. My DH just had his varicocele (varicose vein in testicle) removed. Not saying it IS him, just thought I would share the info. I wish I had 4 years ago. If its not you check him out. ..........BABY DUST everyone!!!.........



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