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amy - November 15

dear ladies, just a quick one. I am having blood test done on the 21 day of my cycle due to TTC for 2 years. Not quite sure what the test looks at, will it tell me that I am defo fertile and capable of getting preg. DH is also going for tests. Doc did not explain to much and now I have 2 weeks to wait until I see him again. Thnks for any info


Mega - November 15

The day 21 test measures your progesterone levels. A level of 10 or above signals that you have indeed ovulated. If it's below that, most likely you haven't. I've found it helps sometimes to go into my dr appts. with a list of questions, to kind of jog my memory. Good luck! HTH. Keep us posted, I hope your tests come out okay.


amy - November 15

thanks mega, so really I will find out quite a lot then wih this one test. Im kinda looking forwards really cos I would rather know where we stand so we can do something about it. Im a bit fed up of BFNs now!!!


Mega - November 15

You're welcome! It's too bad that your dr didn't give you a lot of info. But if I'm right in guessing that your dr was talking about the day 21 blood test, yes it does tell you a lot. You're so right, it is much better to know what's going on than facing a long future of uncertainty. :) I hear ya, I've had my fill of those BFNs too.



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