Blood tests
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Maren - February 16

I have been posting on signs and here on and off for the good part of the last year. Recently I went to the Dr.'s about my dh and my trouble with getting pregnant. The Dr. told me I should try the ovulation predictor kits, I could try them this month and I would have missed one or two days or try them next month. She said they usually stay positive for a few days, so perhaps this month wouldn't be a total bust.
Anyway, I have a feeling I won't see any ovulation, haven't so far and never really had EWCM. She said on day 22 to go get a blood test. Do you think I should do that this month or try again next month? I really just want to get it over with but don't want to have missed ovulation (despite no signs of it) I think I will just go with the consensus.


DD - February 17

Please go to see if you did in fact ovulate. I went for a day 21 blood test and found out I did not ovulate even with a very positive OPK AND CLOMID!!!! Just go and make sure....


Maren - February 17

Thanks DD, I am trying those Clear Blue ovulation predictors and yesterday night and today I saw equal lines. But, it is still confusing to me, I think they should be clearer or one much darker or either one of them darker. But, I will follow my doctors advice and wait now six-seven days and get tested. It will be day 23-24 but I have a longer cycle. Hoping for good results.



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