Blood test vs follicle test with Clomid ?
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Lots of questions.. - September 15

Wondering why some get a blood test (seems on day 21) and others get a follicle test (seems day 14) and what is the difference and what is better to have done ?
Also, wondering what day your Dr told you to start bd'ing after your last Clomid pill ? Any thoughts would be great!


Julie - September 15

not sure, good question though!


annette - September 15

follicle test ie, ultrasound on day 14 or so will tell us the follicle size- whether it is growing the way it should. blood test on day 21 or so, ieafter ovulation, will test for progesterone. this will tell whether you really ovulated or not. sometimes it is possible to get the surge and not ovulate. but the progesterone level in blood after a positive opk will tell yu eactly where you are. you usuallovulate 4-10 days after the last clomid pill, so ur doc would suggest you bd on those days. hope this helps.


questions.. - September 16

Thanks Annette. Why dont Doctors do both then, if they do the ultrasound to see if the eggs are maturing and ready to drop how do they know if they will if they dont do the blood test then a week later ? Do you know which one is better to have ? My Dr only does the follicle ultrasound, and I am wondering if I should be pushing for the blood test as well?


Kerri - September 16

My doctor does both---the u/s to see size of follicle and the P4 (or progesterone bloodwork 7dpo) to see what you're progesterone levels are b/c it helps confirm ovulation and if your progesterone is borderline low maybe you need a supplement to help you sustain the pregnancy.



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