Blood test to see if ovulated?
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Madilyn - July 13

I just started my first round of clomid and my doctor wants me to come in 3 weeks for a blood test. I have called there several times with questions and have heard so much information I am now confused. Does she want me to come in three weeks after I started my period or 3 weeks after I started clomid. Does anyone know???? I just feel dumb calling again if someone here knows the answer. Thanks ladies!


gretchen - July 13

I start clomid tonight. The printout I got from my doctor says CD1= 1st day of period, CD5,6,7,8,9=take clomid as prescribed,CD 12,14,16,18= days which you should have intercourse, CD 21-24= come in one of these days for a blood test, CD 32= if no period by this day come in for a pregnancy test. Hope this helps. This is also my first round of clomid, I hope it works, good luck to you.


Madilyn - July 13

Thank you so much Gretchen. That definitely answered my question. I just started clomid today too!! Let's hope that it works for us! How long have you been ttc?


gretchen - July 13

I got off my birth control in October and have not tried to prevent it, but we have really being trying for about two months. i hope it works too, I have a daughter who is 4 and had no prblems getting preg. with her.


Madilyn - July 13

We have been ttc for a year now. We are trying for our first. It has been a long a frustrating year for us. But I am hoping that the clomid will do the trick! I went off birth control last August and just recently found out that I am not ovulating.


Lena - July 13

Madilyn, your doctor wants you to take the progesterone test 3 weeks after the start of your cycle so that they can measure your progesterone levels. 3+ weeks post clomid is when you would take an hCG test for pregnancy. Best wishes!


Ginger - July 13

My dr has me come in for day 21 blood work to see if I ovulated. I just took my first round of clomid this cycle and went in for my blood work on day 21. I have been temping and know that it will say I didn't ovulate. My temps since then show that I ovulated on day 25. I hope that it is right, but ironically, the only way that I will know that for sure is if I get a positive hpt next week!


Ann - July 13

Hi Madilyn, I also had to get tested on day 21 of my cycle to see if I ovulated. They check your progesterone level. Mine showed that I did not ovulate, but I actually had the day before and my levels were not high enough yet! They retested and found my levels ok.


Madilyn - July 13

Thanks everyone. I am a little concerned though because I have been charting my BBT and since I started Provera (which ended last Monday) my temps have been high. Even through my period this past weekend and now into my second day of clomid my temps remain a little high. I know I am not preg. because before I went on Provera I hadn't ovulated. Anyone have any ideas why my temp is a little high??


Ginger - July 14

I think that provera can cause temps to be high. I also read somewhere when reading up on clomid that it can cause temps to be high/erratic, but they ususally settle down in time for temps to show if you o'd or not. HTH


Madilyn - July 14

Thanks Ginger! I am a little worried that I am not going to ovulate again this month because of these high temps. I had it in the back of my mind that the Provera might be the cause - it also makes sense that the clomid would through it off too! Thanks for the reassurance!



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