Blood clots and miscarriage
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Elyse - August 24

I am 6.5 weeks along and was pg with twins. I was bleeding heavily and went for an ultrasound. I was told 2 days ago that one of the sacs is no longer visible and I have many clots in my uterus. I was also told I should expect more bleeding and unless I have pain, to just stay home on bedrest and keep hydrated. Does anyone know why bedrest was prescribed? Also, I am feeling tired, weak, dizzy and I cannot sleep. Could the blood loss have caused a slight case of anemia?


linds99 - August 24

Are you a type A blood? Just wondering, because it seems that blood type seems to clot easy. Anyway, sorry to hear that one of the sacs is not being seen anymore. Perhaps they do not want you to cause more bleeding if at all possible, in order not to jeopardize the remaining sac. You would know if you have anemia...the signs are very obvious as you described...however, it also could be from carrying a baby...those are pregnancy symptoms of course. Do not worry too much and do what the doctor says...I'll pray for your little one.



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