Blood clots
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KC - June 30

I have a question for everyone, I have been off the pill for 10 months, had one m/c in February. Since than, I take my temperature and I realize that I don't ovulate untill days 19-21 and than get my period on day 30-31. I think I am getting pregnent but the little gafer just doesn't have enough time to implant and hang on because everytime I get my period I have blood clots and stuff. Anyone else gone through something similar? Any thoughts would be appreciated.


kj - June 30

I had a miscarriage in January, but have only had two period since then....both had to be induced with hormones. But I thuoght it was a little odd cause both periods have blood clots in them. The first period about two months after my miscarriage had a fairly large clot in it. I thougth maybe it was just from the miscarriage since I had not had a D&C. But now that I read your dust to you!


Drew - June 30

Hi KC, I was having a similar problem and they said I was getting pregnant, but it just wasn't taking. It was like early m/c's every couple months. The only thing you can really do is see your doctor so they can figure out what's goin on. Good luck!! :)


Beth - July 2

My husband and I just started TTC in May. I've always had large clots, like the size of golf balls, even before I was married. I hope I don't have pregnancy troubles because of it. I'm sorry you're going through this.


Binx - July 3

I had a very heavy period last months with HUGE blood clots in it. I actually went to emergency because I thought I was having a m/c (my AF was 4 days early). They tested my blood and it was negative for pregnancy. They just said it was a very irregular period. Clots do not necessarily mean m/c. From what you have described, you still have a 10 - 11 day luteal phase which should be enough time for an egg to implant. I would go to your doctor and tell them what you have been experiencing. If your luteal phase is too short for the egg to implant, they can prescribe progesterone for you to take. ~baby dust~


Lena - July 4

Its very possible. What you describe is very typical of low progesterone levels. Diagnosis is easy with a simple bloodtes. Have you had your post ovulation progesterone level checked. Treatment is also easy. After ovulation you'll take daily progesterone until an hCG test can tell you if you are pregnant. If pregnant you'll continue to take the progesterone until the conceptus can take over progesterone (Sorry don't know what day that is for humans.) If not pregnant, you'll simply stop taking the progesterone and your cycle will start within a few days. As for your clots, it could mean that you are simply producing a nice, triple line, lining.


KC - July 4

Thank you all for your comments. I am going for a complete physical tomorrow so I am hoping to get all me levels checked and find out some information. I really hope that this is an easy fix; however, it's so hard not to worry with everything that happens, it's so weird, you spent most of your life trying not to get pregnent and that you think it will happen so easy and now the past 10 months have revolved around trying to get pregnent.


Lena - July 5

When I was in high school, they made it seem like just looking at a boy could get you pregnant. lol!


Holly - July 12

I have had many of the same problems. i am almost 30 and no child. I found a doctor who cared enought o listen to me and he ran a bunch of tests. i have a blood clotting problem and that is what has been causing my m/c's i have had over 13 m/c's. my doctor has me on heparin injections. He thinks this will solve the problem. i should know really soon if it has. my peroids have always been heavy and with lots of clots. my period is every 31 days and i ovulate 14-17 days. i have also found out that he mutated gene is a family trait. my cousin has a 5 year old son now and she went through all this just like i have. find a doctor who will listen and want to fix the problem and go get all the tests done and see what the doctor says


Lena - July 13

Holly, would the genetic blood clotting you mentioned be the F-factor? My dearest friend has this problem, as do her brothers, parents, etc. They just discovered this recently in her family and she went on Heparin and became pregnant on 2nd cycle. She had been trying to 18 months.


lp - September 8

my periods this month is longer then usaul n also i get blood clots and it never happened like that before



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