Blocked Tubes and IUI/IVF
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Jaqi - April 2

Hey guys, has anyone had success with IUI or IVF and had blocked tubes? They say my left is open and the right is blocked. I also have endometriosis and possibly PCOS. Those with success on IUI, did you take oral or injectable meds?


PennyHull - April 9

I have endometriosis and both my tubes are blocked. I found out when I was 24 and my husband and I had been trying for 2 years. After laporascopy where my dr tried to open the tubes, our only option was IVF. We went through 3 cycles over 6 months, finally on the 3rd cycle got pregnant! Lost a twin early on, but had a healthy boy at 37 wks. All my meds were injectables, and had to switch meds for the 3rd cycle. Good luck!



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