blocked tube. whats the next step??? help!
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amanda. - September 7

hi.. i had a dye test today and they told me my one and only tube is blocked. i lost the other one due to an eptopic pregnancy. has anyone had this? or had a baby after? how do they un block it?.. thanks..


Edy - September 7

Amanda-I had and HSG(dye test) done on May 12th and it showed that both of my tubes were blocked. I had a Lap(surgery) done in July to see if tubes were blocked and they were but with mucous and it was very easy to remove the mucous plugs. Alot of times that can be done with HSG but my MD said that it would have been too painful for me. You could also have a spasm that is easily fixed or can be resolved by itself. Sometimes if you only have one tube there is not enough pressure to force open the remaining one if it is blocked by mucous. It can be done easily by surgery if that is what it is. Surgery is usually how they unblock them. If you have scarring or adhesions that is a lot more difficult. Hope this helps.


amanda - September 7

hi edy. thanks for getting back to me. glad you got your tubes done. i hope mine will be as easy as yours. i have a nasty feeling my tube might be scard. i hope not. im off to the doctors in the morning to find out what i can do. they did say it might be a spasm but its not likely because i had a past eptopic. whats this lap surgery? ive read its good?



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