Blocked Fallopian Tube
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dawn4323 - June 5

I posted this question under general questions and thought I'd give it a try here. I had the HSG test and found that one of my fallopian tubes is blocked completely (scar tissue they think) and that one of my ovaries is not fully functionally. We've been trying for about 18 months now. Anyone gone through anything similar?


MelissaV - June 6

Hi Dawn! I had the HSG done last August (2005) and had one tube completely blocked and the other partially blocked. In September I had a laparascopy to remove the scar tissue, was diagnosed with endometriosis, then was on continuous birth control pills to help suppress the endo. I'm just starting my 3rd cycle off the pills and this is my 2nd cycle taking prometrium days 16-28. We have been trying for almost 3 years. What did your doctor recommend your next step should be?


linds99 - June 6

Hey Dawn4323, I had a saline sonogram that revealed a fluid blockage in my left tube, not too happy about that since i also have PCOS....anyway, was the tube that was blocked the same one that is connected to the dysfunction ovary you have? Is it the left or right?


dawn4323 - June 6

Thanks for your responses. I'm new to this site and was looking for some insight. Nice to know others have gone through similar situations! My next step is waiting for my husband's sperm to be tested then another ultrasound for me and possibly start Clomid. The tube that is blocked is the same side as the "bad" ovary - both on the left. What's next for you two?


MelissaV - June 7

Dawn, does your doctor think that with the Clomid you'll be able to succeed with the one tube/ovary? I hope the Clomid works for you. I am just gonna continue ttc with the prometrium for another couple of cycles. I'm on CD 12 today, so all the action's getting ready to start again! :) I have another appt with my doctor July 27th. If nothing's happened by then, I want them to do another HSG to see if the Lap really got rid of the blockage. If it's clear, I'm hoping to be put on clomid. I REALLY am at the point where I'd like to see an RE, but my insurance doesn't cover any infertility treatment, so I don't think that's going to be an option.


bj - June 7

Hi, dawn. I have been told that you can conceive with one tube. I had one tube blocked, went through the lap surgery, was put on lupron shots, and now my tubes (both of them) are clear. There is hope.


linds99 - June 7

Hi Dawn, you are fortunate that your bad ovary is on the same side as the faulty tube. Good news for you is that my girlfriend (who has endometriosis, one ovary and one tube) conceived successfully three kids. For myself, they don't know for sure whether my tube is clogged, they suspect it since there was fluid in it seen during my uterine ultrasound. What is next for me is a consultation with my RE about getting on Metmorfin. I have the "subset" of PCOS, they saw a few cysts on the ovaries, but LH and FSH are good, still waiting on my androgen levels though. Hey, when you DH gets ready to be checked, make sure you guys don't BD the day before, and make sure he is adding lots of zinc rich foods (for high count) to his diet and vitamin B6 (for motility). I just thought I would add that if you didn't know...we did that per my friend and his count came out swell.


dawn4323 - June 8

Thanks for suggestion! I am hopeful that everything will work out, but it does become very discouraging. Everytime I get my period I feel like sobbing. But, I have faith that things will work out they way they are supposed to, whatever that may be. My dr appt wont be for a couple of weeks. Clomid was mentioned the first time and lumped in with other hormone shots. She said we would go into more detail once all of the tests were completed.



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