Bleeding right after ovulation? Help me please :(
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Mindy1 - February 21

This has been a pattern for me lately... I normally have had very long cycles. Doc put me on Clomid 100mgs from days 3-7. I ovulated last month and this month on day 13, and 2 days after I ovulate, I spot red, but not alot. I know that Ovulation bleeding occurs sometimes, but I dont know if anyone else has had this? My cycle last month was 24 days, which means my body didnt have enough time to implant the egg. Has this happened to anyone before and if so, what did your doctor do? What could be the problem? Thanks for all responses in advance, I really need as much support as I can get. I am dreading that AF will be here in 4 days, as I am on day 20 :(



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