bleeding for a long time
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tessab - August 19

i have been ttc for a little over a year i don't ovulate so i recently ordered ovulex i took it for the first month and i did'nt notice anything the second month i started bleeding brown blood when i wiped it became heavier and then two weeks went by with the brown bleeding i'm now on week 3 and ahalf bright red blood abd lots of clots no cramps anyone have any suggestions for me on what might be the poblem?


mommy2josh - August 19

Tessa, take a look at the ingredients on the bottle. Is vitex or chasteberry one of the ingredients? If yes, then that might be the cause. My last mentrual cycle, I took vitex and bled for 26 straight days. The stuff also was comming out brown, though not all the time. It was more like brown, then red, then brown and so on. If the ingredient is there, then you should call your doc asap and ask him/her what to do. I would discontinue the use of ovulex until you speak with your doc. I wish you lots of luck in your journey to conceive.



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