Bleeding during pregnancy
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Nora - October 4

Hi does anyone bleed within the first trimester of pregnancy. I need to know because it's the second time it's happened to me. I'm scared that i'll loose my baby due to having PCOS and elevated prolactin. Anyones input would very much be appreciated. Thanks.


jcr - October 4

Hi Nora! Congratulations I am so excited for you. As I said, I bled my first trimester for almost a week with my daughter, and also when i miscarried. The miscarriage was completely different tho. The blood was really red and I had a horrible backache. Then the day before I started bleeding heavy I had to go to the bathroom all day, not the runs, but close. It was very uncomfortable. I say if you are having no discomfort put up your heals and relax and take it easy. Phone your Dr. in the morning and ask about it. i know with Ryley, the RE put me on something that seemed to help, I can't remember what. Try doing a google search on bleeding in the first trimester. I know you will find it is very common. Take care of yourself and get a goodnight sleep. Please keep me posted. I am excited for you and sending good strong pregnancy vibes.



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