Bleeding during ovulation
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Kim - February 8

Looking back on some of the different questions, it does seems quite normal for some women to experience bleed/spotting during the time of ovulation. It's usually due to the changes of hormones. there have been a few times when I have noticed some spotting right during the ovulation period. I have one son and have had 2 miscarriages this past year. I don't think the bleeding is related though. some say spotting during ovulation is a good indication of being fertile and is a window to show when the best time to have intercourse. As for Carol, the fact that you still have no period but did experience some brown discharge could indicate a missed misscarriage. It's definitely best to continue to see your ob/gyn if you don't get your period soon. Best of luck!


nicola - February 8

Not an answer Im afraid just a question. I have been trying for a baby for about 8 years and have had three miscarriages at five weeks. I am into day 17 of my cycle and have had some spotting. Does anyone know if this is too early for implantation bleeding. Any advice would be great.


tiffani - February 8

I have 2 kids, and to my knowledge have never had a miscarriage. This past December I had 2 1/2 days of bleeding, then I ovulated. I thought I was starting to ovulate (had egg white cm on Sunday the 6th) so we had sex on Sun and Mon. Haven't had any ovulation signs since, and now i'm bleeding again around ovulation time. Not sure what to think, just hope all is okay in the fertility dept.


dana - February 8

I'm still in my fertile stage and I have a heavy period ? What's up. I had my period 11 days ago and now I have it again? Does Chlomid make you bleed like this? Can you fall pregnant while you're bleeding??? Any answers? Please help!


dana - February 9

What is implantation bleeding???


Kim - February 9

I've had three pregnancies and two of those were miscarriages. I never had implantation bleeding with them, but was told that this bleeding is more like spotting that usually happens before your period is due. If you have pretty regular cycles you could probably differentiate between the two. It's usally a day of light spotting if it's implantation bleeding. If your real period comes a week later it could indicate some hormonal changes and if your period is late, it may indicate that you could be pregnant.


Lyn - February 10

I have been keeping track of my cycles for about 9 months now and have noticed light "spotting" around ovulation. I haven't been on the BCP for a year and a half and my hubby and I were just going to "let it happen." We're starting to get worried that it has "happened" yet and this sounds similar to many of your situations. Maybe the midcycle bleeding is related... maybe not.


Darcy - February 17

Hi, I have a similar question. I have light bleeding and brown discharge 2 weeks after my periods. I suppose this is due to ovulation. Is there any way to reduce/ avoid it? Also, is it safe to have sex around that time?


nicole - February 17

is impantation bleeding red? and what are the most common signs of pregnanacy?


Aggie - February 18

I'm only 11 weeks pregnant, and lastnight I started bleeding so bad until today, does that mean I have misscarriage? Please tell me. THis is my first time.


Heather - February 20

katie, I am having the same problem,I am also trying to conceive and had two m/c's previously


Heather - February 20

Aggie - I would recommend going to see your doctor and getting a referral to get an u/s - think positive until you are definately sure I have heard of others that have had bleeding during pregnancy and to continue to full term. I have had two m/c's so the first thing is to see your doctor.


sarah - February 22

Sorry no answer but just to say what a comfort that there are others. I came off the pill about 6 months ago. Regular 29 day cycles then last month i did an ovulation test - NO SURGE then i got for the first time the 'brown bleeding' for about 4 days. My period started a few days ago but i was 9 days late. Can anyone help be figure out whats going on. A few years a go i was told i had pcos. I'm 25. Why cant i get pregnant?


Amanda - February 22

Katie, I too had experienced spotting during ovulation last year. This happened to me usually a day or two after a positive result with an ovulation test kit for the LH surge. I had made a Dr.'s appointment believing something was wrong. A couple of days before my appointment I took a pregnancy test and found that I was pregnant with my son so the bleeding had no effect on conception. I hope this helps. I wish you all luck.


vicci - February 23

Katie, I'm also experiencing the same thing and i read that its perfectly normal. I also thought it could be implantation bleeding but im only day 10 of my cycle. Hopefully pos test next month but unlikely!!!


Sarah - February 24

I also had the same thing, My last day of ovulation was tuesday. I started bleeding slightly yesterday and today. NOthing big but still should I be concerned?



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