Bleeding during ovulation
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Abby - February 21

I am 28 and have just starting trying to get pregnant. Have been monitoring my cycle for a couple of months and seem to have a regular 30 day cycle. Have been using LH testing kits by the letter, but have not detected a surge. On monday (day 15 of my cycle) there was a fain line on the test strip, but the instructions say it should be darker than the control line. We had sex on this day and we both noticed that I was bleeding. This concerned me, but after looking at this sight and others it seems that this maybe an ovulation bleed and that sometimes you need to test for a LH surger sometimes twice a day to insure you don't miss it. It is now Wednesday (day 17), so I guess that is it for this cycle. Maybe we'll have another go tonight for good measure. I gave my husband last night off, as I didn't wont to wear him out. Can anyone shed any light on weather you can have to much sex and deminish chances, is once a day too much during ovulation times? Also does laying down for 20-30 mins after sex improve chances at all?


cathysyhtac - February 26

I am really relieved to read through this thread AND find not even one entry that indicates that bad egg quality is the reason why we bleed during ovulation. Because that's what my dr told me when i asked her about it. She even told me that even if i got pregnant in that cycle, the pregnancy would be very hard to sustain and would have lots of complications. Wow, what a relief to find this thread. Thank you very much!


CaitlinAnn18 - March 3

I have been trying to conceive for 5 months now, last night I had pinkish red blood when I whiped. I have never experienced this before and I am suppose to be ovulating around this time So, can someone tell me what is going on??


honey - March 6

hi everyone, I'm mid cycle and just experienced 4 days of dark brown discharge thats a bit clotty- sorry! is this ovulation or something else? I had a HSG last month too.


Optimist - July 4

Hi readers. I had a missed miscarriage before I fell pregnant with my first child and have recently had a miscarriage at 7wks ttc with my 2nd. I've just started spotting at 10days a light dark brownish spot (after trying last night tc) and am still hoping to conceive in the next few days. This is the first time I have spotted mid cycle which is noramlly 23 dys. Was relieved to find this website with similar experiences.


babycakes11 - July 26

I'm at my mid cycle (day 14) and I just started bleeding a little bit. I am trying to get pregnant and the bleeding has happened before, but does that mean I am ovulating right now?


juliewallin - September 6

can you spot during ovulation and what does that mean?


sam447 - September 13

I'm not trying to get pregnant. I'm on the pill, which I take according to directions. But I still get ovulation pain and spotting - I thought you didn't ovulate when on the pill? Asked my doctor but he says I must miss pills, which I definitely do not. Is it possible that I still ovulate even though I'm on the pill (fyi I also had menstrual bleeding right through my first pregnancy - my body is weird!)?


LadyOrion - September 22

I am 12 months PP and we are TTC again. I am ovulating for the first time since I had my second daughter. This cycle has been the strangest I have ever had. Here is what my week has been like. I was thinking O bleeding but can there be clots during O bleeding? What do you think?

Monday: EWCM begins

Tuesday: EWCM - DH & I BD around 4 pm - mild cramping

Wed: Lots of EWCM - DH & I BD late around 12 am 1am -Bad cramping

Thurs: EWCM - Positive OPK at 7pm - bad cramping

Friday: Very little EWCM - negative OPK at 7 am (fmu) - heavy spotting with a few small clots for 12 hours - bad cramping

Today Saturday: Dry CM - No more bleeding - mild cramping - feeling better today.


cmcbabydust - September 29

I had a miscarry in March 2007 at 13 weeks thought i would never get over it and then in June 2007 blighted ovum. decided that surely my luck could not continue to run this way. My cycle before miscarrry was 28 days spot on and after miscarry 32 days dead on. Then on 9th Sept the exact due date came on monthly at 28 days back to 28 day cycle wk comm 24th Sept 07 for a few days felt a pulling sensation on my right side for about 2-3 days. Then 6 days after ovulation on 28th Sept Friday 5pm for a few hours show when wipe of a light pink blood / discharge thought oh not this month. Bit moody increase in appetite tired early nights all week litle lower back pain. Due on the 7th Oct will keep you posted spoke to friend out of 5 3 said they had spotting during the early stages before they got a + test result. Will keep my fingers crossed for you Katie sometimes its just a case of believing but at the same time not getting Heart set on it. Maybe spotting is a sign of great things to come. Take care x

i did read that it may also be a way of boody getting ready and the following month + pregnancy time will tell


msara313 - March 30

I am 22 and for the past 8 months i have had bleeding during ovulation its usually very light and brownish in color and i have cramps as well. but this month it was heavier and one day it was red and kind of had clots. I have cramps as well during ovulation. this is particularly strange to me because before this year i never even had cramp when i had my period. I don't know if this is normal or what possible diseases could be causing this. I have a gynecologist appointment in 2 weeks I will keep the forum updated in case any one else is having similar issues,


roxi3 - April 21

see im glad im not crazy lol i had folks laughing cause i said im spotting during ovulation


mskris8199 - May 28

I'm new to this site and I was so thankful to find this string. I have not had regular cycles in 15 years except on BCP because of PCOS, but after this last round of provera I had my, 2 weeks later I had the cramping, slight pink discharge and then to my delight about 2 weeks later had my period again. Woot woot. Now 2 weeks later I’m having the pink discharge and cramping. I’m cautiously optimistic that I may actually ovulate 2 months in a row naturally!?!?! Or at least have 3 periods in a row, 2 without provera. My question is...the bleeding started today and my husband comes home tomorrow from deployment. Does that mean it's still possible to conceive. If it is ovulation bleeding, did already happen, about to happen...I'm confused. Thanks!


ronke - June 29

I am ovulating and bleeding, is this normal?


Lynzo1989 - September 21

I've been bleeding since the I ovulated and has got heavier thought it was implantion at first but starting to think it's a period but it's been going on for a week and not lightening up or anything anyone got the same thing?



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