Bleeding during ovulation
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TweetynWolfie - June 7

Well, I am new here, I had my period two weeks ago, but it was a three day period, i would bleed one day and then it would stop, and start up the next and so on.. I am Ovulating, and bleeding, I just started this on Sunday...I started freaking out...but after reading all these answers...I am starting to think I have the same problem...I took a pregnancy test monday...and it was Nevgative, I thought that was weird, because my stomach is getitng bigger and so is my chest, and I dont ever gain any weight unless I am pregnant...My Fiance thinks the same thing...I was wondering, what is going on, why is my stomach and chest getting bigger?


TweetynWolfie - June 7

Ashley, I had a friend that was on chlomid, and she was trying to get pregnant for a whole year...but Now she is 7 1/2 months... From her experienced the same problem..But that Med, does work.....It took her a year, but every woman is different...Just thought I would let you know about that one med...I am not sure about the others....


losingfaith - July 8

hey all,
have been ttc for the past year and have just started bleeding m/c the past two months.... My husband and I are sorta keen but we have trouble getting energy during working week, so tend to only try on weekends.... I have a solid 32day cycle with my last period being 6/20/06 so I knew I would be ovulating around this time, actually calculated the 8th. I had the brownish discharge yesterday, and after trying this morning I discovered that I was bleeding a bright red. We tried last weekend too and I'm just trying to figure out that if the ovulation bleeding occurs after ovulation, would last weeks effort be enough? I know that "only on weekends" is probably not enough to make it easy, but it does only take once right?


losingfaith - July 8

just further to my last post, I thought I'd let you know that the reason for my name is that since we have been ttc, my sisters in law have all gotten pregnant, 1 was trying for about 1 month, and the other one was trying for about 2 months with the first one, and the second pregnancy which is due in 6 weeks wasn't even tried!!!!! it is so disheartening when you are around such fertile people!!!!


faith2 - July 10

losingfaith, i have to respond because i totally understand how you feel. I have two sisters in law who conceived while not trying. I also have a sister who has 2 kids already and "mistakenly" got pregnant with twins. Believe me, she is the last person who needs two more babies right now. I have my name because despite my disappointing months/years..I have to keep the faith. Hang in there, don't loose faith or hope. As far as the bleeding. I bleed and have cramps during ovulation. My doctor told me ovulation is taking that would be a good day to BD "sex". The doctor also said, it's a good idea to BD the day before ovulation because you want sperm to be there when the egg is released. This will increase your chances of conceiving. If you want know exactly when your ov, get a ovulation kit. Clearblue is a good brand.


Tammy276 - July 10

Hi ladies. just thought I would post and say that I know exactly how you feel about everyone else getting pregnant. The month after I m/c, my boss got pregnant. It was really hard for me to be happy for her, when I wanted to be pregnant so badly. Now every month she's like 'are you pregnant yet' Hello! don't you think I'm trying here! And everywhere I turn, there are pregnant ladies. I went to the doc. the other day and I swear everyone I saw was pregnant! Even two of the nurses were pregnant. Hopefully this is everyones lucky month! Babydust to all!!


faith2 - July 11

Tammy, I can relate. I have been married for four years and ttc secretly for three. During these four years everyone and their mother manages to ask me " when are you guys having kids" atleast once a month. I don't want people in my business so I brush them off. You would think they would stop buggin you but Nooo...they don't take hints. When I finally get pg. I'm still not telling them. They will find out when my stomach starts to pop out.


TweetynWolfie - July 11

Hello ladies, I am back, After I wrote my last message I went to the hosptial, I took a test there and it also came out Negative. Well I was suppose to get my Period the 10th of this month and still have not gotten it, I doo keep very good track of my midcycles. Well I have GYN appointment the 13th of this month, so hopefully she can tell me something and tell me what is going on with my body. I am just really scared something is really wrong, I have had thoughts bout not being able to have kids anymore, but maybe it is just me.


losingfaith - July 30

hey all,
just thought I'd let you know, that we are about to start another round of "trying" I have noted down all the dates.... and we have decided that we will seriously try this time... we've calculated the next six months, so wish us luck!!!


shar - August 8

I miscarried in April of this year. I have waited the amount of time that my doctor has told me to wait and I am mid way through my cycle and I am spotting, enough to have to wear a panty liner and it is a brownish color and I am not sure why I am spotting? I have always had normal cycles and this has never happened before. I don't know if it is because my husband and I are trying to get pregnant or if my cycles are still abnormal due to my miscarriage. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


AVA - August 15

Hello ladies, It's been a while since I wrote because my computer has been down. I think I have really great news for you. I heard about this liquid vitamin for women from my grandmother. I don't know if any of you heard of Lydia Pinkham, but women back in the day used to take it for mentrual problems and what not. It worked very well on women trying to get pregnant. Any who, I decided to give it a try. I got it at my local drug store, you can call or look around to see who has it. I took it for about two months and bam!!! I'm having a baby any day now. I really hope if any of you are trying please, please, please try this. Its totally healthy for you, it's just herbs and vitamins in liquid form (they do come in pills too) what it does is it nurishes your reproductive organs with vitamins and herbs we lack due to the things we eat. The only thing is that if you do try it stop taking it once your mid cycle comes, I did some research and that is what they said and I did. You will notice mid cycle because you will have abundant EWCM. Lots of luck to you I really hope this helps.


vulondra - November 16

I have a lot of experience with this subject. I am schooling for an RN on the OB floor and also from personal experience. I too have had bleeding with ovulation. Also occumpanied by pain in the choicen ovary I am ovulating from. I have a huge history of early miscarriage. I have four children and I have had at least 5 miscarriages that I know of. I am lucky compared to some woman, my miscarriages take place by the second month so its been a little easier for me to let go. I was only able to get pregnant taking a tincture called Red Rasberry Leaf. I took this tincture and had one period, the next month I was pregnant. You can buy it online at I was also using progesterone cream on my skin to help assist the pregnancy. I was able to carry my baby to 35 weeks before delivery. Something caused the placenta to stop working correctly and my baby wasn't getting the fluid around her that she needed. My doctor was affraid that she would tangle in or pinch her umbilical cord so we had her early. If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me. [email protected]


henrike - November 17

me too. i would spot a day after the ovulation for about two days, even though in june it didn't stop for two weeks and the my period came. i spoke to my doc in sept re this. he said it's normal. i also read in a book :taking charge of your fertility" that it's normal. so don't worry. you're fine.


france - January 24

I just want to thank all of you for this forum. It has brought me alot of peace in the past months while ttc. I just went in to see my doc today and I have one huge follicle. Got my LH results back and should ovulate within a day or so. For the first time ever, I started light bleeding tonight before ovulation. Thanks to this forum, I can sleep tonight! I was pretty worried. I have one 3 y/o boy, and we have been ttc for 9 months now on clomid. Sure is nice to be able to read others experiences....I am not alone after all!! Good luck to all of you!


claimbyfaith - February 9

I am really releaves to read all your stories cos i can sleep now knowing i am not alone in this. I'm sorry I dont really have an answer, I only have more questions. I got married about a year and one mont ago, and we've been trying to get pregnant about 4months now. I had my last normal MP on the 29 of Nov and started bleeding again on the 19th dec, i went my dr who said i was having ovu bleeding. I didn't see my period again almost 2 months and was feeling some Preg symtoms. then the bleeding again, went to my dr who said i am ovulating and there is no sign that i ever was preg, ruling out the possibty of a miscarr. so what happened to my MP for that period? I am really confused this has never occured b4, when can e try? Is it b4 d bleeding, during or after?Thanks everybody


Abby - February 21

I am 28 and have just starting trying to get pregnant. Have been monitoring my cycle for a couple of months and seem to have a regular 30 day cycle. Have been using LH testing kits by the letter, but have not detected a surge. On monday (day 15 of my cycle) there was a fain line on the test strip, but the instructions say it should be darker than the control line. We had sex on this day and we both noticed that I was bleeding. This concerned me, but after looking at this sight and others it seems that this maybe an ovulation bleed and that sometimes you need to test for a LH surger sometimes twice a day to insure you don't miss it. It is now Wednesday (day 17), so I guess that is it for this cycle. Maybe we'll have another go tonight for good measure. I gave my husband last night off, as I didn't wont to wear him out. Can anyone shed any light on weather you can have to much sex and deminish chances, is once a day too much during ovulation times? Also does laying down for 20-30 mins after sex improve chances at all?



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