Bleeding during ovulation
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Katie - November 24

I have noticed right around the time I am ovulating I spot or bleed. Is this normal? I am trying to concieve but I am worried that I am not going to be able to.


Kaci - December 9

Katie, I have noticed the same thing and am also trying to get pregnant. I have had 2 miscarriages so I'm worried that the bleeding could be related. Does anyone have any information? Thanks!


J - December 12

According to the book Taking Charge of your Fertility by Toni Weschler, a day or 2 light bleeding right around ovulation is normal. It is another fertitlity sign that can help us identify where we are in our cycle. Its usually the result of sudden drop of estrogen just before ovulation & tends to occur more often in long cycle.
I personally have this kind of bleeding and had a cycle length of around 35 days. Was pretty worried initially & even had an ultrasound done to check for cyst but everything turn up fine. But after reading the above mentioned book, make me feel really relieved cause me, too, suffered from an early miscarriage 2 wks ago.


Louise - December 15

I have this and so did my Mum. The most interesting explanation I saw was that it is due to a drop in oestrogen just prior to ovulation. I only get it some months - maybe that's when I'm actually ovulating. Haven't really bothered about it except now am trying to get pregnant and wonder whether the blood will affect environment for sperm - anyone have any info on that?


Carol - January 15

I am also trying to get pregnant and have just started bleeding 15 days after my period. At first I had hoped it was Implantation Bleeding but it is definately more of a 'bleed' than 'spotting'. Is it now too late to conceive or is there still a chance before my period is due? Any info on mid-cycle / ovulation bleeding & implantantation bleeding would be a great help.


Heidy - January 15

I had a miscarrage one and a half year ago and trying to conceive now. I have the middle cycle bleeding also. The miscarrage was happend at the middle of my cycle (suppose). But no explanation from my OB/GYN. I do think there are a relationship with the middle cycle bleeding and miscarrage. Is there someone can explain this to me? THanks!


RS - January 25

Is there a way to tell if it's an irregular period or if it's just bleeding during ovulation? I have the same issue as Carol and am cuirous is if it's now too late to conceive. Thanks


Carol - January 29

Hi, me again. My period is due today, I have had slight cramps and only a slight amount of brown discharge which is unusual as my cycle is normally regular. I have my fingers crossed that I could still be pregnant and that the mid cycle bleeding was just due to ovulation after all. I will let you know how I get on. Am still very confused though regarding mid-cycle & ov. bleeding - can't seem to get any concrete advice on either.


Claire - January 30

It is quite normal to have a slight bleed around the time of ovulation due to hormone changes, it does not affect your fertility.
Implantation bleeding usual occurs around the time your period is due and can be accompanied by cramps.
And i would also like to say there is hope after miscarrage, i had 2 and now i have 2 perfect children.


Brittany - January 31

I have recently gotten off of birth control to try to become pregnant. I calculated when I was suppose to ovulate and that day I began to bleed very heavily. Could this just be from coming off the pill?


Carol - February 1

Well its now the 1st Feb and still no period....however I did a pregancy test on Sunday and unfortunately it was negative. No sign of a period though, no symptoms like sore boobs like I usually get. Am thinking of doing another test mid-week but don't have any pregnancy symptoms either. Not really sure where to go from here or what to do? Any advice? Thanks.


S.C. - February 3

I'm not sure about that. I have never spotted around that time except for this month. I thought it might be an early implantation, but was wrong. Why does it seem like I'm pregnant and not. Waiting on period, but negative test result.


heather - February 3

I am currently trying to fall pregnant. I have PCOS(polycystic ovarian Syndrom) and hav e been taking clomid tablets. Recently my periods have been all over the place but I went for a scan today and everything is normal. I have been having mid-cycle bleeding and thought something was wrong but thank God its all normal. I stated bleeding yesterday which was Day 10 and I am due to release the egg Mon, Tues.


Carol - February 7

Well it's now the 7th Feb and still no sign of my period. I saw the nurse on Friday who seems to think that I'm not pregnant due to negative hpt & lack of symptoms however she sent me away with a sample bottle which I had to take into the surgery this morning, however I have to wait until Friday for the results. I have also rec'd an appt for a ultra sound scan in 2 wks time so hopefully they can give me some answers & at least put my mind at rest that nothing is wrong in that department. Has anyone else had any luck?


dana - February 7

This is my first month taking chlomid and I as well started bleeding during my intercourse phase before ovulation?
Is this normal? Can I still fall pregnant?
Any answers?


ritz - February 8

this is the first time i'm going through this site as i have the same ques as u all have.. for last 2 yrs i regularly have spotting to very light bleeding on the 12th day which goes for 2 to 3 days & which is little darker in color,i'm worried but my obs & family phy says it's most likely ovu bld as my cycles are always bet', 28 to 29 days,but now i'm trying to get preg & for the first time i din't have spotting since 12th day today is almost my 16th day ,so i was hoping that it might be fertilizing,not sure ..i have litlle bit of pain on my right side of abdo clould anyone help.. very restless to kow it...i have been asking my hubby about it but as u all know they r really patient as we girls don't pls help..


Kim - February 8

Looking back on some of the different questions, it does seems quite normal for some women to experience bleed/spotting during the time of ovulation. It's usually due to the changes of hormones. there have been a few times when I have noticed some spotting right during the ovulation period. I have one son and have had 2 miscarriages this past year. I don't think the bleeding is related though. some say spotting during ovulation is a good indication of being fertile and is a window to show when the best time to have intercourse. As for Carol, the fact that you still have no period but did experience some brown discharge could indicate a missed misscarriage. It's definitely best to continue to see your ob/gyn if you don't get your period soon. Best of luck!



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