Bleeding after HSG
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Rita - March 31

hi girls.. i know a lot of u have had a hysterosonograms.i had one on tuesday n the water didnt pass thru'. anyway .. i had light bleeding tuesday n wednesday and today i have heavy bleeding with clots.. is it nromal? shud i see a doc? cud i have got my period even if the water didnt pass thru?


bump - March 31



to rita - April 1

i would call the dr. you can get an infection from it too. my dr. put me on antibiotics prior to the test to help prevent infection.


Rita - April 1

thanx for ur response. my doc told me to take 2 tylenols bfore going.. thts all i know..if this doesnt stop tomm i am gonna call my doc


COC - April 1

Hi. Is this painful as I have to go for one end of April?


Rita - April 1

no its not very painful.its just like a very bad menstrual cramp.. sometimes u wont even feel it...think of ur second day of menses.. but this will last only for 10-30 secs.. Dont forget to take tylenol or advil before going there. Just reax.. it will b fine.


Rita - April 1

Hi Girls, I know for sure this is AF...everything is the same as AF, cramps, etc.



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