bleeding - please help!~
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shannon - June 14

hello. this was my first month of clomid. I am only on cd 19 and i am bleeding! Has anyone gotten their period this early? i didnt even know i ovulated yet?! should i call my doctor? please give advice


k - June 14

You might be ovulating, some women have spotting/bleeding around the time of ovulation.


Drew - June 14

Hi Shannon, is it light bleeding like spotting? You can have something called implantation bleeding where the egg is buroughing into the uterine wall. It is usually light enough to just require a panty liner. Maybe this is what it is?


shannon - June 14

thanks k and drew. No, its like Period flow. On Saturday and sunday, it was REAL light - and i thought maybe i was ovulating, then, today i started really flowing. I am worried cause sunday night i had real bad cramps on my left side. i hope this isnt a miscarriage or something. i called my doc, and of course, havent gotten a call back. thanks for your replies! i will keep you posted!


Erin - June 15

I know exactly what you're going through. My doctor started me on 50mg of clomid and it did make me ovulate. The first 2 months were fine, just a few side effects, backaches, headaches, mook swings & hotflashes. Then the next 2 months I would start bleeding early (right after I was supposed to ovulate) and it lasted anywhere from 14 to 20 days of heavy bleeding. I got tired of that and went to see the doctor and he told me he thought I was taking clomid at the wrong time and that's what was making me bleed. I got off of it for 2 months and my periods went back to normal. I started clomid again this month and I started my period 6 days earlier than I should have. So as of now I've been bleeding 9 days, spotting, light bleeding 6 days and heavy for 3 days. I don't know what is going on but it is frustrating. Hopefully I'll get pregnant soon and can quit taking clomid. Hope my experience helps.


Drew - June 15

Hi Erin, what days did you take Clomid? It kinda makes me nervous cause I'm having more side effects this month. I just want to make sure I'm not doing it on the wrong days too,


Erin - June 17

Drew, this past month I took it days 5-9. But before that I would count the first day of spotting as the first day of my period instead of the first day of heavy bleeding. I think that's what messed me up.


Drew - June 18

Oh yeah, my doc told me too to start on the first day of real bleeding, not spotting. So do you think it was an early period? Hope all is going well.


Erin - June 19

Not sure if it was an early period or not. I started the ovulation kit tonight and was not ovulating. As of now everything's the same, just waiting until I ovulate.



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