Bleeding....late period or pregnant?
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Just A Girl - April 4

Good Mouring Ladies, I have a quick question for yall. I know that this may sound like a normal "am i pregnant" question, but please hear me out. Well, First ..period was due in march for march 6. March 9th and 10th I got 2 + test....then march 13th and 15th I took a different brand and they both said negitive. and march 15th i also started bleeding. Im confused and dont know what to think.. please help me and tell me what you know about these kindof situations. Thank you so much for your help!


Cloe - April 4

Unfortunately, you may have had a "chemical pregnancy." Chemical pregnancies are not viable, and end very early in miscarriage. Some woman have had chemical pregnancies and never knew about them, because unless they tested, it just seems like a late period. Have you tested since with the previous brand that you had the + result? Some tests can pickup lower levels of HCG than others. Also, there are a few women who experience bleeding during pregnancy. Was it as heavy as a regular period? I would try using the first brand test again; but it does sound like a very early miscarriage.



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