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christina - May 6

Hers my situation: i have mentioned before i recently 2 weeks ago had a laproscophy, d and c, we tried a few days ago, now i have staining and some bleeding, could i have concieved already and have fertilization bleeding? i dont know what to think anymore.....any help? advice thoughts, thanks chris


christina - May 6

ps-also some cramps and worried, concerned. etc.


Cutie - May 7

Christina, 1st of all so sorry to hear that you are going through these problems. I have had a lot of different problems while TTC and its very frustrating ... I will pray for you....
Christina, did you start bleeding after sex? What color is bleeding and do you have clots, how much are you bleeding? Good luck honey.


christina - May 7

hi cutie!
thanks! i appreciate the sympathy! it stopped so i feel better, i called my dr. and he said not to worry it is my body adjusting after the surgery and stuff, i see him on monday, so i will fill you in on what happens, thanks a bunch! I wish you the best as well!God Bless!



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