bleedin for 2 weeks..can i still get pg tho?
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Ceno - October 13

i understand that birth control introduces hormones to the body in an unnatural dosage, thus, corrupting the body. but now that ive stopped taking birth control, i just started bleeding or "my period". i was wondering if my cycles stabilize to normal, which is about 30 to 31 days, but i'm still bleeding on day 14, just spotting though, will i still ovulate and be able to be impregnated?


trixiebee - October 13

Hi there.
I've had issues with spotting mid-cycle myself. However, today I got some answers from my doc.
1. If your cycle is predictable, that's a MAJOR bonus point. I tend to spot every month, and she says that should not cause problems with fertilization or implantation. IF it's the hormone thing. Since I have no other symptoms to indicate trouble, she is not that worried about polyps.
Also, how long have you been off hormonal BC? Your body can take a few months to get "normal" again. For me, I ended the Nuva-Ring late April, and just now had one month with no spotting.

Keep up with your charting, CM, and such. I've been told to count BACK 14 days from the day you should get your next period, and that could be ovulation day. Since I'm 28 days on the nose, that's not relevant for me.
Also, her opinion was have sex daily, or every other day during that week. (esp. BEFORE the O day) but to make sure you're having some FUN, and not making this baby thing a CHORE.

Easier said than done, but keep that in mind! ( I will too!)



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