Blakey-please read the post.....thanks for your help!
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Sonyamac - May 4

Hi Blakey, I don't think that we are going the IVF route....I got a BFP! I can't believe it, they wanted to make sure that the beta was doubling so i had b/w again this am..I went Wed. only 11 or so day past O-anyhooo...the secretary said lets just be sure that all is well..the first numbers were 115-that is pretty good according to the information that I have I am praying that it has doubled....I will know in a few hours.
Thanks again, BABY DUST & HUGS to you...........Sonya


Blakey - May 4

Oh my gosh Sonya- Congratulations hon, that is AWESOME!!!!!! Nice strong beta too! yes, my clinic always told me that they like to see the number over 100, so that is terrific! I am so happy for you! You must have been shocked??!! What a great surprise to have it happen naturally, wow! Especially where you were prepping yourself for IVF...and now you don't need! WOW!
I wish you all the best, and hope your numbers doubled to a nice high number! Please ck in and let me know how you made out with the numbers. I am so happy for you. Sending you lots, and Lots of Hugs!!!! Yes...hoping some of that baby dust comes my way, thank you sweetie. Please let me know how you are, okay! Thanks for posting, nd for sharing your great news..givies me more hope. XO


Sonyamac - May 4

Blakey, it was iui, third month trying...I got preggers with my son on the third try as well in 2005-wow-I am in shock! Thanks again for your info. and you well wishes!
Best of luck and I will be watching and reading. I always post on the iui threads.
BABY HUGS, Sonya ;)



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