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ME - May 20

I have been trying for over 6 months to get pregnant I havent had a period since feb and I thought for SURE I was pregnant becuase I have some symptoms I have two kids already and I even feel somewhat pregnant. Dr gave me lots of blood tests and said I am fine and my hormones are fine he is now sending me for an ultrasound. what I want to know is WHY cant I get pregnant???????


Melissa - May 20

Maybe he's sending you for an u/s to check for cysts. I missed a period (never had except for when I was pg) and we did blood tests etc, just to find out that I have a cyst on my right ovary. I ended up being put on clomid so that I will ovulate. Good luck.


ME - May 20

How long ago was that and did you get pregnant while taking clomid. I have never heard about that before and I was wondering HOW I will be able to get pregnant if I am not getting a period so thank you VERY much for answering !!!


bump - May 20



Jill - May 20

Clomid induces ovulation in 70% of women, results in pregnancy around 40% of the time, give or take a little. I have PCOS and never had any real problems with it until I started trying for #2. I had to go in for ultrasounds and blood work, to find out that I have "several" cysts on each ovary, and that I'm no longer ovulating. I've taken Clomid for this cycle and find out Monday if I'm pregnant. If you trust your doctor, then rest assured that he will figure out what's going on. If you don't trust your doctor, then find a new one.


Melissa - May 20

I missed a period in Feb and thought for sure I was pg. So, I waited and kept testing -, so I went and got a blood test done. It too was -. So, at that point my dr drew blood work just to test my hormone, surgar, etc levels. All were normal. So, that's when she sent me for my u/s. They found the cyst (by this time I had missed 2 periods - Feb and Mar) but saw a mature folice in my left ovary. Well, I did ovulate (without a period) around April 25 then finally started my period on May 8. So, since that was my only time to o this year even when I did have af we decided to go with clomid to make me o. This is my first cycle on it, and I should be o'ing this weekend or so. So, wish me luch. I did get pg once before and carried to full term. I have a beautiful 3 yr old boy. We conceived him without even trying. We've now been trying for 5 months for our second. If you do not have your period though, there are meds to induce that as well. My dr was only going to wait 2 cycles before putting me on progesterone to make af start. But, since it came on its own finally there was no need. I agree with Jill in trusting your doctor though. They will figure it out. Good luck.



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