Birth Control to regulate MC to fix fertility issue?
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Holly - September 11

Hubby and I have been trying now for several years to have a second child. Our 1st is 9yrs old. I have had a tubal pregnancy in 2001. I guess you could say we have been trying now for about 8yrs and I am finding it frustrating. The doctor figures one issue is PCOS which may be causing alot of the trouble (and pain). I had asked the Dr. if starting BC would help 1st regulate my MC and help with the cysts. I was told that yes and that it was a good idea. So I am suposed to start BC this month after my AF and only take it for 2mnths. They want me to go in for US to check to see if the cysts have gone away and then after I am off of BC put me on Clomid. Has anyone ever gone through the same thing? I am wondering if this will work at all? I am 30yrs young and really want a 2nd child. Hubby was checked and he is ok. Is this a good idea? Anyone else with PCOS that had trouble concieving? Is BC a good idea..?I figured that I am not getting pregnant right now ...2 mnths wont make it any different. I need to work on getting rid of the cysts first..will this work? I thought that I was PG for two months because AF did not really show up except for spotting but nope...AF showed up just last thursday. (plus neg urine/blood tests showed I was not PG) Any ideas..past experiences would help. Thanks,Holly


Wishes - September 14

Hi I just want to wish you the best and concieve successfully. º¤ø,¸¸,&oslas



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