Birth Control Question, PLZ respond QUICKLY!!
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billiebaby - May 24

hey I have a friend who wanted me to ask a question... Her period has been messed up for about 2 months {it was like red and watery and stuff, not normal} and went to make sure she wasn't pregnant and she found out she wasn't so they put her on birth control {the patch/ortho evra}. She hasn't even started her period this month yet and it was supposed to start on the 14th. She thinks she may have ovulated late and maybe that is why her period is late. Well anyways she wanted to know if since she don't know when she is going to ovulate or anything if there is anyway to use the patch for about 2 months and regulate her period if that would help with when she ovulates? Like use it from this Sunday til 2 months {then her period should come the same time} then stop using it. Will they make her cycle normal so she will know when she ovulates the next month after using it? Do you get what I mean, lol will it make her cycles normal since they aren't right now?? PLZ respond quickly!!



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