Birth Control Pill ??? Regular Cycles??
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Heather - April 11

Hi everybody. I went off the pill in January and my cycles have been between 28 and 30 das. Now my last period was on March 5th. I used the opk's this month and it was positive on March 20th. I haven't been charting my temps though, but anyway no period yet. I took 2 hpts about a week ago when I was 2 days late. Both neg. My nipples are sore and I have been cramping for about 2 weeks now. Could I have ovulated later than the opk determined? Any info would be helpful.


Katy - April 11

see my post from 4-9 I'm having similar problem. no period for 2 mo
neg. on OPK & HPT kits. seeing Dr on tues could be medical reasons, or need meds to jump kick my period- hope my advice helps --post is called
25 days past ovulation & still no postive


heather - April 11

thanks, I don't see my dr until the 27th, but it is just so frustrating because I want to be pregnant sooo much and any sign that I could be, such as no period and I get my hopes up and then nothing...thanks for the advice.



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