Biphasic- What does it mean?
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Mary - June 28

In reference to temping, what does biphasic mean?

And what should temps be doing before and after ovulation- is it down before ovulation and up after?



kc - June 28

I'm not sure what biphasic means. Maybe the phase before o and the phase after. What I do know is your temp should remain steady from the first day of your period until a few days before ovulation. The day or two before you should notice a slight drop of around 2 tenths of a degree the next day it will start to rise (ovulation) it will rise to about 1/2 a degree higher than your normal temp before ov. After ovulation it will remain high until you start your next cycle. If pregnant some (but not all) notice another slight increase around a week after ovulation. I hope this helps. Lots of luck



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