bilateral multicystic ovarian
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fischermr - February 17

is there any problem with bilateral multicyctic ovaries.also the scan report said hypoechoic ovarian and multiloculated fluid collection in douglas bag?if there's a problem.what are the symptoms and implications.


Blakey - February 18

I am not sure if this will heklp you, or if it's related, but bilateral cysts may be something you want to get checked out. Before i started my journey on the infertility roiad (2 years ago, nd currently)- I had gone in for an ultasound, and they found 2 cysts on each ovary. They were pretty large, and before I could continue with tratment, I was told they needed to be removed. I had a laparscopy, which is a day surgery, and recovery was about 10 days. I do have endometriosis, and have an endometriam cyst on my right ovary, that they are watching. Cysts are not uncommon, a lot of times we get them each month, but our bodies ake care of them, and they will resolve themselves. Endomtrial cysts, won't go away on there own. They are monitored, and if they get too big, they will have to be remeoved. The one I have is not interfering with my treatment, and my Dr,. said that it won't, but I think it depends on the situation, where they are located, and how big they are, as well as how many you have. Good luck, and I hope my response helped a little bit, itf it didn't I am sorry.


Blakey - February 18

symptoms sometimes aren't recognizable. I had no symptoms of my cysts at all. Some women have lower abdominal pain, or pain near the ovaries. Sorry for all the spelling errors from the last note. Anyway, I hope your doing well, and things work out for you. Good luck.



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