BFP w/low sperm, PCOS, post HSG,late O w/ Clomid&Metformin
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Kerri - September 26

Hey guyz....I just wanted to share and I hope this encourgages some of you. I've been off BC since Oct. My periods ranged between 31-48 days. After 6 months of trying went to doctor--they tested DH sperm and said that count was low---he started taking multivitamin, zinc, and vitamin C daily. Had my HSG in July. Found out I had PCOS in July too. Started Clomid,50mg, in follicles mature 5-10 days after my last Clomid pill--cancelled IUI for that month. Saw RE and he did bloodwork and wanted to begin me on Metformin. Kept using OPK, and recorded a surge on cd30. We BD cd 28, cd30, cd31, and at lunch on cd32---we figured we had covered our bases and it no pregnancy then we for sure needed IUI. Began taking Metformin cd 32, day after O. Today is 15dpo and I got my first BFP!!!! It will happen Ladies, hang in there!!!!!


Mega - September 26

Congrats!!! Thanks for sharing. I have PCOS, & DH has morphology issues. So I always find these stories inspiring. Have a healthy & happy 9 months!!!! --Meredith


gi23` - September 26

that is great.. i had an HSG the beginning of this month.. i'm hopeing for a BFP Congrats to you!


Michelle - September 26

Congratulations!!!!! I have a couple of questions if you don't mind. To clarify, cd30 was the month you cancelled IUI? If so, did your dr. say anything about you o'ing late or on your own when he saw your follicles were not mature? I ask because I am cd24 and cd12 my re said I my follicles were too small (only 5-6 on my rt. ovary and they were 5-6 mm). He further said there was no point in the hcG shot or a follow up u/s 2 days later; they were simply too small. He told me I wouldn't O and call him when af came. I have not surged but have been having ewcm for a few days. I am still hoping to o late. Does any of this resemble your successful cycle? Thank you!!!!


To Michelle - September 26

That's exactly like my situation. On cd 12 I had one follicle about 10 mm--then cd 15 it had regressed and I had multiple small follicles. Dr. cancelled IUI and referred me to RE. RE didn't say I WOULDN'T ovulate but he said try is the natural way if you get a surge. We did get a surge on cd 30---the same cycle that originally we believed to be unsuccessful. So hopefully my bloodwork and u/s will confirm a healthy pregnancy!


Michelle - September 26

Kerri, thank you so much for the reply. I have to admit to being excited at your success. Hopefully I will be just as lucky. Take care and let's pray for 9 uneventful months!


Jamie - September 26

Kerri - I think you are the same Kerri I was talking to before! Congrats girl!! You give us all great hope! We have increased my clomid to 100 mg. and am still taking metformin so wish me luck! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us - good luck and enjoy this wonderful experience! :)


Kerri - September 27

Thanx Jamie...I know your time will come soon and it will be perfect!



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