BFP! BFP! After 21 months of TTC.
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mtnlass - November 12

I'm still in shock. But four test have confirmed I AM PREGNANT. I just wanted to give everyone some hope that it can happen. This was my 21 month of trying after having my IUD removed, my 18th cycle and I didn't O until cd 28. I tested positive on 13 dpo. This was my third cycle after the HSG. I took Fertilaid at the beginning, finally stopped when after two weeks of O symptoms but no O. This will be my third child so I know it's not the same as waiting for the first but I hope I have brought some hope. I was going to the RE on the 20th, I guess that's not necessary. Hurray!!! BFP! BFP!! I'm still in shock I keep looking at the tests to see if I was seeing things.


lovemy3 - November 12

Yay!! Congrats!!! How exciting. I am ttc#4 and am not ovulating till 20 or so and was feeling discoraged. thanks for giving me hope!! Congrats and enjoy your third!


diem - November 12



thayward7 - November 12

Congrats! That is AMAZING! It definitely gives me hope and puts a smile on my face to know someone is getting a BFP! It looks like your little angel is ready to begin his/her journey with you. I can't wait for mine to be ready to join me. Smiles and Babydust.... T


marymo - November 13

Congratulations mtnlass!!!!!!! I have a question, how long did you take the Fertilaid for? Just curious. Thanks!


mtnlass - November 14

I took it for about three weeks. Now I have two and half bottles in cabinet. Maybe for the next one...


linds99 - November 14

Congratulations! That is very wonderful after waiting for nearly 2 years for it to happen, it must be a relief! Best of luck. Let us know the sex!



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