BFP after 19 cycles ttc, poor morph and endo!
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LIN - March 24

Hi all...I haven't posted on this particular forum in awhile, though I've been lurking for a long time. I just want to share my bfp story in case someone can get a little inspiration from it. As the title says, we've been ttc for 19 cycles. This was our fifth medicated cycle, fourth IUI and 2nd cycle on injects (Follistim). We were just starting to consider the move to IVF, and I was convinced we would need it due to my dh's poor morph and my endo. In fact, I was absolutely sure I wasn't pregnant this month and was VERY shocked to see that line appear! I was so shocked, in fact, that I ran out and bought three different brands of pregnancy tests and took them all (and continued for a full week just to see them get darker). We were originally told after my dh's first SA with a 1% Kruger morph that we'd probably need IVF w/ ICSI. I put him on supplements, and his morph went up. We had two good morphs in a row (13% Kruger and 48% WHO), and then they took a turn for the worse. The month following the 48% WHO morph, it went down to 20% WHO and 4.5% Kruger (both from the same sample), and then this month it was 16% WHO (no Kruger morph done). Go figure we got our bfp with one of his worst morphs ever! I really hope this story can lift someone's spirits and give them the hope to carry on. Best of luck to everyone!


lovemy3 - March 25

Congrats, Thats wonderful news! Best Wishes.


patrizia - March 25

congrats lin...i have seen you on the signs of preg board all the time...i love your story. i have mild endo ( i got a endo cyst) taken out during lap last year. i was diagnosed with no ovulation. (hormone problems ) injections and stuff ruined me even more. i needed another operation for a poyp.after injectables. so her i am 2 years of ttc and losing hope. untill i read your story. for now by RE only put me on progesteron on day 16 to day 25 of my cycle. (untill june) then we will see. i am a bit dissappointed because i dont think progesterone will fix the ovulating part. did you have any problems with ovulation???. any natural tips for me to help me "miracolously " ovulate ? good luck !


LIN - March 25

Thanks! I'm sorry, I wish I could help you regarding ovulation, but I don't have any suggestions. I've never had any trouble ovulating, and I responded really well to the injects. Have you tried more than one typd of injects? Maybe you'll have better luck with one derived a bit differently. Good luck to you! I hopeyou can find something that works!


Lizzy4 - March 26

Hi LIN. Thanks so much for your encouraging story. It has given me new hope, because we have exactly the same problem as you had. DH has only 1% morph. What supplements did you put your DH on? Mine is on Zinc, Vitamin E and Folic Acid. Anything we're missing?


LIN - March 27

I had him on TONS - a double dosage of Fertility Blend for Men, Pycnogenol, Coenzyme Q10, Lycopene, L-Carnitine, L-Arginine, B-6, B-12, C, E, an Omega Complex and a men's multivitamin. I would at least add the first four to your regimen. I hope that helps!



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