BFP? Only 6 DPO???
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KellyN - August 3

Hello! On a whim today, I took one of those dollar store hpt's. (I am so impatient) I got a line within 10 minutes! It was faint, but I didn't even have to twist it around in the light to see it, it is there! This was my first month on clomid and avandia. I just started taking prometrium after ov. I am 6 dpo, which I know has to be WAY too early to get an real results. Could the hormones I'm taking be the cause of this? I don't want to get my hopes up, and I'm very confused! :o( -kelly


Lena - August 3

yes, they can


KellyN - August 3

Any idea which one causes this? Has this happened to anyone else? -kelly



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