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Sophie - October 16

Hi I have been TTC for 6 months. I'm always a little impatient and test before i'm due (always negative) but this morning I had a faint positive. I'm not due for another 4 days and realise I may have tested too early but does a faint positive still mean I am pregnant?


CC - October 16

Congrats!!! I would say that means you are pregnant!! Good luck to you and your little joy!!


p - October 16

congrats----!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did you have any symptoms ? and are your periods regular ????


sherry - October 16

happened to me 10 days past ovulation, and with each day the line got darker. it was real...congrats!


kerry - October 16

In the same boat!! I am due today or tomorrow, took a test yesterday and it showed a very faint line, took two more today and they both showed a faint line.....rang the chemist who told me any line faint or dark is a positive so congratulations to you......and me! LOL!! Been trying for 2 years, cant belive it!! **********BABY DUST TO ALL **********


MONICALIA - October 17

Woo-Hoo!!!v Congrats to you Sophie & Kerry & Sherry! Please share your stories.... & Baby Dust too! Lol - :) Cheers!


Sandy - October 17

were anyone taking meds are just natural ? good luck to you all..i am so happy for you.....ttc for 4 years...not giving up but getting tired of those - and af...



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