BFN....tested Today
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canadagirl - January 1

Hi ladies, how is every one doing? I hope every body is good. I did a HPT today and it was a is 14 dpo cd25/ I am going to wait till next week thurday to see..but I am use to getting late positive when I am pregnant, with my first daughter it didn't show positive till I was pass 2 months..I had two neg. urine with my first daughter and a day after I got a pos. blood test. with my 15 mth I did not even know I was pregnant till 9 wks along because I was having heart burns and my boss said to me I was pregnant, and I was like "whatever"..because I know I have PCOS and messed up tubes, and the doctor said I will have to clear my tubes and be put on fertility meds to get preggo. needless to say I got preggo last year without doing any of I am gonna wait next week to get tested again , because I have an appt. with my fertility doctor next friday, oh by the way I am breast feeding so that could be affecting my ovulation, but FF reads that I o'ved this month. Any ways I hope that all you ladies get BFP for the new years.....



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