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wannabeamom - March 5

AF is supposed to come today.It hasn'tyet so I took a test and BFN. My husband is so disappointed. Me too. There is always next month. Just had to get that out. Thanks.


JENZEY - March 5

Sorry to hear that, I think I'm going to be in the same boat as you this month. Better luck next month....Babydust to U!!


Mega - March 5

Sorry about the BFN. It's always such a let down, but to echo Jenzey, hopefully next month will bring your BFP. Good luck!


wannabeamom - March 5

Thanks. It has been a challenge to hold back the tears. We really thought this would the month. Everything went right.


wannabeamom - March 8

Ok ladies, here is another question you can help me with. I am 2 days late, and tested both mornings. Still BFN. I am not feeling like I normally do when I am getting my period. I used the same type of test both times. Do youthink I should try a different brand of pregnancy test? Please give feedback. I am waiting to call my doctor until 5 days late.


Eli - March 8

I would not test anymore. I would take a blood test in 5 days. That would be more accurate and stop those feelings of "could be" "maybe" "hope so". Good Luck


wannabeamom - March 8

Eli you are right. AF came this morning. Not so dissappointing giving I had BFN. Thanks for your advice. Now I will start 5th month of Clomid in 4 days. Goodluck and tons of babydust!


Mega - March 8

Sorry about AF. Hopefully next cycle will be your lucky cycle! I'm starting my 7th round of Clomid myself tomorrow, so we'll be on similar schedules this cycle. Good luck!!!


Sky - March 8

Hi ladies ...Im curious to know about clomid...I was told by a doctor that if it doesnt help you concveive after 4 months that the doctor should find another route....Is this correct?



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