Beta # dropped - sad news
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Rudi - December 20

Hi Everyone,

I got a low positive beta on Sunday and just found out today that the number is now even lower. I am really bumbed out right now. However, I'm going to relax for the holidays and gear up for another IVF try. Do you think it's okay to resume in February?


Lee - December 20

Rudi, sure it is. It is really hard to get a BFP and then have the beta drop, believe me, I've lived it. It is a great sign that you can get pregnant. Now you should work with your RE to be sure you take every necessary step (if you didn't already) to stay pregnant the next round. Good luck.


Rudi - December 21

Thank you, Lee. I'd like to know more about your experience. Did you have a healthy pregnancy the next time around?
Did you have to do anything differently?


Lee - December 21

Rudi-I have had one pregnancy that came from my first IVF attempt, went full term and a healthy baby. Two natural conceptions since, both have ended in first trimester miscarriage. One empty sac (which was likely what you had) and one to heartbeat stage, but she passed not long after. I have since been diagnosed with the Lupus anticoagulant and another auto immune issue, should I become pregnant again, I will be on Heparin in an attempt to improve the environment for the baby. My RE was not checking for "coagulation" issues years ago, but he is now. Might want to have those tests run for you. Good luck.


m - December 21

I am really sorry for your loss, but the good news is that you were ABLE to get pregnant. In a way thats over half the fertility battle right there. Things will work out , I have a very good feeeling for you.


SaraD - December 22

Rudi-I am so sorry to hear about your loss.I have had 2 m/c's in the past 2 months.I know how hard it is.Just keep your head up and I'll say a prayer for you.I wish you the best and try to have a merry christmas.


Justine - December 22

Rudi - So sorry to hear your news but at least you got pregnant which is a good sign for the future. I'm sure another IVF in February will be fine and its a lucky month - I did my IVF in Feb this year and got baby Sophie in October! Hope you have the same next year!


Anna - December 23

Rudi, I'm really sorry for your loss! I'm sure your very disappointed. Hopefully, next time will go smoothly and your pregnancy will stick. I'll keep you in my prayers. **baby dust** to you!



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