Best way to get pregnant quick?
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ashleyaurich - December 8

ive been trying to get pregnant and it aint working and my boyfriend only has one testilce and ive been trying for like 5 months i need help please


FrancisW123 - December 9

Stay positive! It seems impossible but it definitely isnt.. I found another great website for advice on <a href=">trying for a baby</a> which is realyl helpful


becpec - February 22

You may want to give your body a little more time to recoop depending on how far along you were before your last m/c...relax and try to keep your mental and physical stress at a may help for you both to take a little break...and please don't be offended by this but try lying on your back with your legs over your head or bend your knees to your abdomen for 10-20 min....good luck to ya


dreamy2433 - February 26

hi everyone
I wanted to invite you all to check out chatterscene dot com
they have a great pregnancy and due date area for mommies to chat in:)


tanz19 - April 15

me an my boyfriend has been trying 4 a baby 4 very long time and cant seem 2 get court we have sex atlest 3 times a day every other day , ive tryed 2 eat a healthy diet and nothing helping ... any advice pleases? :) x



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