Best way to get pregnant quick?
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D. - July 26

And I agree with Kim J. If there is a possibility that the problem is with your husband, then I would definitely stick to every other day to give the little guys a chance to increase. Too often we assume the issue is with us when the truth is that 50% of fertility issues lie with the male.


Shawna - July 26

Your best bet is to do a basal body temperature chart, check your cervical mucus and have sex on or 2 days before your ovulation day. If you had sex right on time and didn't get pregnant within 3 months take your charts with you and go to the doctor. Your hormones might be out of balance. Also, they say to go to the doctor if you've been trying for a year. Good luck!


Joy - July 26

I have been trying for a couple of months now, but really trying with an ovulation kit for the past 2 months. I have checked myself and have no problems to get pregnant and neither does my husband. How often should you have sex when ovulating and how many days before ovulating should you have sex? How long does it normally take to get pregnant? We really want to get pregnant, but have not had luck. I also think about it too much and that may be the cause. Last month we had intercourse every other day including two days before ovulation. Does staying in bed really work even though when I stand up nothing comes down? Any suggestions?


lacey jones - July 27

we are wanting to have a baby put i dont get my period ever month, i get it like every 3 months and when i do its very painful. is there any way to get pregnant with go to the doc.


Tracy - July 27

i think stress did a part in preparing for pregnant, me too try for 2 mths liao, lying with my legs up, basal body temperature every morning-fluctuate differently for 3 months, alternate day having sex, so desperate liao, feel like giving up....what other things i can do and any other reason?


Tracy - July 27

i heard from someone that you can actually get some sort of jab from doctor to let the egg live longer, she try and got pregnant but still she got a miscarriage, anyone try before?


D - July 27

Ladies, the best thing you can do is buy the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertilty" by Toni Wechsler. This book will absolutely explain everything that you need to know to maximize your chances at getting pregnant. At peak fertility (which means younger than 28) you best chance of getting pregnant any given cycle is 20-25%. After 27, you fertility starts to decline a little bit each year. Not drastically but a little. After 35, your fertility declines rapidly. If you are only getting your period every three months, you really, really should go see a doctor. There is obviously something wrong. If your body isn't at top condition, you may risk not being able to get pg at all or, if you do, not having an environment that will help to keep that baby where you want it to be. Please see a doctor. As for when to DTD (do the deed), because ovulation can change drastically from cycle to cycle depending on circumstance (stress, illness, change in exercise routine, etc.) you should start DTD about 5 days before you expect to O (ovulate). Doing it every day stresses my husband so we do the every other day thing. But if you can get him to do it every day, more power to both of you. But not less than every other day since most sperm only live about 48 hours (with good cervical mucus they've been known to live 5 days but you simply can't tell and it's better to be safe than sorry). The egg itself will only live 24 to 48 hours (there is nothing that is available that will keep that egg going longer. If you do IVF or IUI, they can control the growth of the egss, but they can't make eggs live longer than their norm just yet). And don't stop until you are SURE you have O'd. That's where the charting comes in. It will tell you just when you ovulated, and then you can take a break. But there is simply no easy pill to help us get pregnant. You have to be willing to work at getting to know your body. If you don't know what is going on or are assuming that what is considered "Normal" is what applies to you (like the fallacy that we all O two weeks after our periods and all have 28 day cycles) you may wind up being really disappointed because for some of us, getting pregnant simply isn't easy. I've been at it for 4 years. It's definitely not been easy. Tracy, you said you do your BBT, and that it fluctuated a great deal the last three months. Did you ovulate? Very erratic temperatures before ovuation, with no visible ovulation, may mean you've had an anovulatory cycle. There's so much you need to understand to figure out if something is wrong. Are you ovulating? Is your cervial mucus fertile? Do you have enough progesterone/estrogen? How's your thyroid? So much!! If you are under 35, and have been trying for a year, you need to see a doctor. IF you are over 35, give it 6 months, and then go see a doctor. I think I answered everyone's questions. I hope at least some of this helps.


Fun - July 27

I have been trying to get pregnat for the past 4 years without sucess, we have carried out many fertility tests and they all say no problem.................kindly help...


KellyN - July 27

Fun, here's one suggestion I found... I read in a couple of places on the internet that people without any problems, who were mysteriously not able to concieve should try changing their diet and eat organic. I'm guessing this is something like DDT did to the eagle population, where it caused the egg shells to be too thin to support the chicks. Non-organic foods contain preservatives, fruits and vegies may have pesticides and herbicides adsorbed in them. There was some lady who wrote a book (forget the name) who was not able to concieve for 5 years for no reason. She went to an all-organic diet, and got fantastic results. I also read an article on the internet from some woman (and MD) who said that her gyno told her she would never have kids because of some condition in her ovaries. She says she went organic, and has had two kids. I'm trying to eat more organic things in my diet, but it sure it hard! Good luck to you!!! -kelly


D. - July 27

kelly's onto something. There's a book called The Infertility Cure and in it the author states that there are certain foods we should or should not eat depending on what our problem is. It's a great book. If you are dealing with unexplained infertility (sounds like you are) and you don't want to pursue ART, I would think this might be of interest to you. I do acupuncture and herbs to help me with mine.


christy - July 29

i as a women who has had a m/c and a tubal pregnancy just wants to advise you to let your mind and body heal, as well as repair it self.


lina - July 30

how long does it take to get pregnant after taking birth control pills


lina - July 30

does birth control cause infertility


Catina - August 16

My daughter is 19 months, and we are ready to concieve again. Why am I having a hard time getting pregnant?


AT - August 16

Hi there's our normal ovulation and there's another one called Spontaneous ovulation. Have a look atthis site.


help - August 31

tip uterus how can i get pregnant



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