best positions to conceive?
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shirece - May 5

My husband and I have been ttc for about a month and I'm on metformin. I just wanted to know the best positions to conceive and is there anything I should after sex, like lay there for a few minutes or put a pillow under my hips while having sex?


Amanda - May 5

They say that you ahould lay there about 30 mins with your hips up. Missonary and Doggie style are the best (ie anythign where your not on top)


Jen - May 5

on your back is the best! when he goes, put a pillow under your hips so that the semen will pool in the cervix-this way they have a better chance of survival and making to that egg! My husband laughs and says that he sends in the green berees-his "special forces" lol. :) good luck!


elizabeth - May 6

what is missionary position? i have heard of doggie style, but not missionary. thank you.


anis - May 6

missionary is female on bottom, man on top, put your legs up around your partner while he is in you to til your pelvis up a bit to let sperm go right to the cervix


elizabeth - May 6

thank you anis. i know it was a stupid question, but i appreciate you explaining it to me. thanks again:) also, good luck shirece. i'll keep my fingers crossed for ya. take care! by the way, i am gonna take a hpt this morning. here in just a few as a matter of fact. hope to get a +. i'll get back later and let ya know. it may be too soon. i am not sure though. i do know that it has been like 16 or so days after possible conception. been having signs. fingers crossed:)


Heather - May 6

You also want to make sure you orgasm either at the same time or after he does. When you O your cervix contracts in a pulling action and pulls the semen up into your uterus. Just helps that much more! :) *~*~*~*~*~



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