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Mega - April 5

Hi. I have an appt. this afternoon with my RE for my baseline u/s appt. & I plan on discussing injectibles for this cycle. I have no drug coverage on my ins. policy, so I'm concerned about the cost but I feel that I gave Clomid too many chances & it's not the right drug for me. So those of you in similar situations, where do you order your meds? Do you think it's a fair price? What drug or drugs are you on? Can you give me an idea of the cost per vial? I just want to hear other peoples' experiences. TIA!


CC - April 5

Hi Mega-I sometimes follow your IUI thread and was just thinking yesterday that I agree, you have done Clomid for a long time and are ready to move on!! (I just didnt want to barge in on your thread and tell you that!) I just learned that my RE has "donor meds" on hand a lot of the time, patients of hers that got pregnant and donated their meds to the RE office. They offered the meds to me this cycle, but then they found out I only had a 50.00 co-pay through my insurance company and wanted to give the meds to someone who had no insurance coverage, or less coverage then I did..So, its worth it to ask your RE if they do anything like that and donate meds to you for your 1st cycle or something to offset some of the cost. I wish you tons of luck, whatever you decide to do!!


Mega - April 5

Hi CC. Thank you, what a GREAT idea, I will definitely check that possiblity out. Please feel free to join us on the IUI thread anytime, it's not barging in at all. It's a fun, supportive thread & we'd love to have you there too. So are you currently on your 1st injectible meds cycle? If so how's it going? What drug are you on? Best case scenario though is a coworker of mine went to the same RE & she said a couple of months ago that she had 4 vials left of Repronex, I believe. Hopefully that's still there. My one worry though is that the meds are kind of old, her ds is 1.5 yrs old now, I believe. But I'll definitely ask about donor meds. That's great about your $50 copay though. Good luck to you too!


isa - April 5 (no spaces or hyphens if they show up). You must have a prescription. Depending on what drugs you want they have the prices all listed on the site. It is in U.S. Dollars. I have ordered large orders from them twice for injectible meds and was recommended them from my RE's office as they are a lot cheaper. I order the quick postage and get it in a couple of days to Canada. I fax my prescription copy and the sheets I get off the net of what I want and then send me what I ordered. It comes from the U.K. Good luck


Mega - April 5

Thanks Isa, I'll check them out too. Well, my appt. is in 30 mins. so I'll find out more then I guess.


CC - April 5

Hi Mega-Thanks for the invite to the IUI thread, I may take you up on joining after I have my 1st IUI next week. This is my 1st cycle of injections. I did Clomid for 3 months and have moved on. Im taking Menopur, and just started last night. So far so good, not too bad really. My dh is giving me the shots and helping me mix the meds (which sounds worse then it is, its easy). 1st shot was last night, and oddly, the shot didnt hurt, but as the day goes on, the shot site is getting more and more sore. Guess thats all normal. If all goes well, my IUI should be the end of next week. Im excited to be trying something new, and to have hope again that this could be what we need. Let us know how you made out with your appointment and what your next plan of attack will be! (if your friends meds havent expired, I dont see why it wouldnt be ok)


Mega - April 5

Oh great CC, we'll be on similar cycles. I start Repronex tomorrow night. Gina from my RE's office will be doing the ordering, she'll try one of the net sites. I'm about to call my home voice mail & see if I got a message from her with the logistics & the cost. I'm taking the intermuscular version of Repronex which I guess is pretty much the same thing as Menopur. You don't have to wait til after your 1st IUI to join that thread. Maybe you have some questions right now? Good luck on your 1st IUI (hopefully only)! Someone else on that thread is also on Menopur. Yes, trying something new is exciting, I feel the exact same way. Where is your DH injecting you? My DH can't stop by the office tomorrow for a shot 101 class, so hopefully by reading the instructions he won't mess up.



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