BEST days to take Clomid? My dr told me days 5-9
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Amy X - March 24

Hi! I am just wondering if it make a difference what days you take Clomid? My doctor told me days 5-9. i am not ovulating. I had a m/c at 4mths and I guess it threw my body out of whack. I concieved the first mth with my son and the baby I lost. Just wondering what worked for you all. thanks!


pj - March 24

I am really sorry about your loss. I dont know which day is better. I have already tried one cycle - CD3-7. I didnt ovulate, so I am supposed to start again on same days. I did read somewhere, that clomid earlier in the cycle is more helpful, but I dont know


JENZEY - March 24

I am starting my 2nd cycle of Clomid today. I was advised to take it days 3-7. I did ovulate on my 1st cycle. HTH goodluck=}


jessika - March 24

my doctor whose had alot of experience with infertility told me days 5-9, but silly me looked around the internet and found that the earlier in the cycle you take it the more follicles you produce, but increase chance of M/C, I took cycle day 3-7, no luck, but am following his advice this time around, G/L Amy


Twinmom2be - March 24

I think it depends on your dr. I took it days 3-7 and got pg the 1st month. I am now 13 weeks. My friend took it days 5-9 and got pg the 1st month as well. She is 6 1/2 weeks. Good luck! I am sure it will happen soon.


Amy X - March 25

Thank you for responding everyone! I am a little nervous about all of this! I concieved the 1st mth w/ my son and the baby I lost (m/c in aug at 4 mths) and just found out I am not ovulating! hopefully this will do the trick :) I appreciate any advice you all have! Thanks!!!



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